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Event 56 1500 NLH

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-07-04 at 12:00 AM

Day 1 was pretty smooth sailing, had pretty soft table for the entire day and chipped up without much problem. I also made a bunch of hands and was playing very aggressively and kept getting paid off cos of my image. The most significant pot of the day was at 300-600 I open J9o to 1200, Aggro Asian player flats behind. Flop JJ3dd I bet 2100 he calls, turn 3c I bet 3600, he makes it 7200 I make it 12200 pretty fast, he tankkk ships for 30k I call, he shows QQ, I hold. I was upto 90k at my peak but lost QQ vs 99 to a shortstack on the 2nd last hand of the day.

I started day 2 with 75,500 and had pretty good soft table, with exception of Ashton Griffin (theAshman103 online) on my left. We were down to 305 players from 2978 players who started on day 1, 297 were getting paid so we were at the bubble; we started at 800-1600 and were scheduled to play 10 levels for the day. Significant hands:

800-1600 Tightish Str8forward player open EP to 3500, I call in bb with J3dd, flop A 4 5, I check he bets 4200 I make it 11600, he calls. Turn J check-check, river check-check, I win with Jacks, he mucks.

800-1600 I open ATss (100k to start the hand) on btn to 3500, sb Ashman calls, bb old Tag calls as well. Flop Tc 8h 3c, Ashton leads for 6500 (had 70k to start the hand), I make it 16500 and call his shove, he shows 79cc and rivers Qc to win 140k pot, I am down to 15bbs, 24500 after this hand.

800-1600 Short stack shoves btn for 6500 (A6o), I shove 21500 from sb with AQ, Ashman calls in bb with JQhh, I hold to get to 50k.

1k-2k Big Blind Ashman is sitting out, Allen Le (Nam Le’s brother) opens btn to 4k with effective 60k stacks, I make it 11300 from sb with 77, he flats. Flop Q 4 2 I check call 5600, turn J check-check, River 7 check-check, he mucks.

1k-2k Cherish Andrews opens to 4400 utg+1, I call CO with AsQh. Flop Ah Kd Jd, she bets 5kish I call, Turn is 9s check-check river is 8c she check calls 9600 and mucks.

1k-2k Allen le open to 4k MP, next to act I make it 10,200 with JJ (70k effective), he makes it 24,200 and folds to my shove

1200-2400 I open A9o utg+1 to 5100, old tagish weak player calls. Flop 568hh I bet 5200 he calls, turn is 2 I bet 14,600 he makes it 31k I fold.

1200-2400 I open Q7ss utg, to 4800, German pro flats ep, flop Kd 3d 6c , I bet 5100 he calls, turn Ks I check fold to 7600.

1500-3000 CO open to 7500 I call bb with QThh (50k effective). Flop is Tc 7h 3c I check he shoves 40k, I snap call he shows JJ, I loose to get down to 45k.

1500-3000 I open shove CO for 40k with TT, BB wakes up with AA gg me for 99th place. Cashed for 4700$.

Today is the last prelim I will be playing before the Main event. Its a 1k re-rentry with 2 starting days, I am going to be playing super aggressive and try and build a stack, if I bust I will re-enter tomorrow and play more conservatively. There should be over 4500 players between the two starting days and should be close to 1 mill for 1st, gonna be huge.

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Aditya Agarwal

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