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Event Feedback

Posted by Rajeev Kanjani on 2011-05-25 at 12:00 AM

Hello Guys,

It has been an exhausting 5 days of non-stop poker action in our Inaugural Series of 4 Seasons of Poker – Summer Edition. I have been sleeping for non-stop 36 hours (maybe a lil exaggerated).

Well, for 1st the Event was well appreciated by many of the players, and some of the players had to offer some excellent feedback. We have realized the importance of a professional Tournament Director and a Floor Manager and better Dealers, for which we have informed the same to Sol Poker Room, and action has already been taken, and by our next event, there will be for sure all of the above + much more, which we will announce soon.

Our next edition will take place in the month of August, which will be the Autumn Edition.

Some major changes, that will be for sure implemented, are mentioned below:

1. Profesional Tournament Director & Floor Manager for Cash Games
2. Better Dealers
3. 4 Day Event, instead of a 5 Day Event
4. Shoot-Out event will be scrapped.
5. Instead of Double Rebuys, we will now stick to the Single Rebuy format.
6. Bounty+Bounty Max, Freeze-Out, and DeepStack Turbo will remain
7. Blind Levels for Bounty+Bounty Max & Freeze-Out will be strictly 30 Minutes, with the starting blinds to be 25/50, although we may remove 2-3 levels, depending on the number of participants.
8. Rebuy tournament blind level will be 24 Minutes thru out.
9. DeepStack Turbo will now be 10 Minutes (Real Turbo) + 1 Re-Entry allowed upto the 1st 1 hour

We hope that the above changes and improvements will be appreciated by the players, and we are open to + or – feedback, hence please feel free to comment here, or email us on [email]acesunlimitedindia@gmail.com[/email]. Finally, the main aim is to have a pleasurable playing experience for all.

All the pictures are uploaded on our FaceBook Fan Page, please do visit:- [url]www.facebook.com/acesunlimitedpoker[/url]

Cheers and we will be back with final dates and structure in a couple of days.

Aces Unlimited
Rajeev Kanjani
Jasven Saigal

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Rajeev Kanjani

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