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Experiencing Flow State

Posted by Anuj Yadav on 2021-11-24 at 6:06 PM
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I thought of sharing a snippet from an article about something I wanted to talk about – Flow State.

So, what is Flow State, you ask?

“When you are giving your fullest attention to an activity or task that you are incredibly passionate about, singularly focused on, and totally immersed in, you may find yourself creating the conditions necessary to experience a flow state of mind. The mind’s usual chatter begins to fade away, placing us in a non-distracted zone. The feelings that would consume you under normal circumstances (inhibition, hunger, fatigue, or aches and pains) melt away, and all that matters is your dedication to your craft.”

Today I experienced a flow state while playing poker after a long time. The key was to focus on only playing poker and nothing else. (No YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Music, etc.). I also screen-recorded my poker session with the intention of reviewing it later in order to not get “bored” and try to play every spot to the best of my ability.

It’s as if the poker tables in front of me were the only thing that existed in this world. I genuinely believe maximizing our time spent in the flow state is the key to maximizing our potential as human beings.

Flow state IMO is another word for focussing entirely on the present. It feels incredible, and I would definitely try to incorporate mindfulness in my life through meditation, etc.

That’s it. That was the blog. Try cutting out distractions in your next poker session and see if you get to experience flow state :).

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