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Favorite “Famous” Poker Player

Posted by Prateek Verma on 2012-07-02 at 12:00 AM

Lately I have been travelling a lot, I was in Seoul for more than a week then in Singapore, hongkong for a day or two. I couldn’t get a lot of time to play poker especially tournaments… but I did found some time a la short sessions to play some 6-max. I will start grinding as soon as I get settled again, in my new Apartment…am planning to have a new decent set up… so that I can play long delightful (hope so) sessions.

I am planning to play Stars Micro millions, would be playing as much as I can… and hope to run deep in few. I think the sessions with Adi have improved a lot of my tournament play preflop and my learning’s would be tested as the low buy-in tournaments in the Micro millions would be a lot about preflop plays and making tonnes of good decisions.

In the meantime, I was railing WSOP and watching a lot of videos during my travel. Lot of strategy videos, online sessions, hand histories, and discussions. I love to watch two players, respect and enjoy their game a lot. Scotty Nguyen is just so kool baby… he brings so much to the game as an individual…just the spirit is amazing… he can be little over the top at times, but the guy is a delight to watch, and with the story coming from Vietnam then busboy in Vegas to Winning WSOP… its unbelievable. Watch his story here…The Prince of Poker baby.

As for the thought process and the whole “new awakening” in the Game…I am just amazed by Phil Galfond. I have read so many of his blogs and his videos online…. and I would urge you to do the same…. its so much intuitive logical thought provoking and most about understanding situations… and doing the right thing. Galfond isn’t only a great player but the kind of respect he has for the game is inspiring too. His thoughts about the Online poker, HU waiting for fishes, Database / handhistorys, Win/loss data of players, and the idea about the whole economy and dynamics in the today’s game is enlightening.

This is just a sample video of his….with the blog post on “I sincerely hope that this post will lead to the entire online community discussing some potential improvements and solutions for the way the games are played these days. “

and the video to deal with downswings slides

I also ask everyone out there to post below their Favorite Player Name, any video they love, any blogs of particular player they like to read regularly…and if possible why so??
I love reading and watching movies…and what better subject then poker itself :).

and who doesnt love Negreanu….Kid poker at his goofiest best.

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