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February goals..

Posted by Harshil Dhingra on 2013-02-08 at 12:00 AM

ssup guys. hope u all are crushing the tables, actually a lot of Indian guys are.. , final tabling the milli, swu, and taking down a lot of other bigs and the hots.

our mentors have also started serious grinding, adi final tabling and taking down a few, grinding non stop from 3pm-5am almost everyday, also, fellow pgmp mates are crushing the tables,, final tabling and taking down events daily.

so after a break finally decided to seriously grind the 180s and 45s to improve my roll to be able to grind the mtts, though grinding these 180s and 45s can become boring and monotonous, but gotta build some roll.

yesterday reviewed a 180 with Prateek and Sahil, found out a few leaks, and played a session today while trying to fix those.
had a decent session, won a couple of 45s and a 180. will be reviewing them and hopefully grinding a lot more.

the target now is to
*play at least 20*50+ game sessions in Feb.
*fix all the leaks.
*review 4 deep runs each week.2 each for the 180s and 45s.

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Harshil Dhingra

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