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First Blog!

Posted by Akshat Sharma on 2012-10-30 at 12:00 AM

Hello everyone,
Just to start of by introducing myself. I’m Akshat Sharma from Bangalore. Been playing poker since college now. I started of with house games here n there. About a couple back though i got serious about the game. I played online a little till i moved to Hyderabad in June 2011. Did not know many who played at similar stakes and that is when i actually started putting n greater volumes online. But it was all a big mess. Played whenever i could find anytime (In between work as well at times) and majority of the times i did not even play with complete focus apart from maybe weekends.
Fortunately now i am back in Bangalore (Resigned. =P) and ready to start my online grind. We had our first session which was largely about pre flop opening and light 3 betting. A lot of people have said it in their blogs, but that one session itself seems like it has changed a lot of things. Feel so much more confident now.
I moved back from Hyd on Saturday and thus could put in volumes only on Sunday and Monday. Played 180 SnG’s, SSMTT and few single table SnG’s. The first few tournaments turned out to be a real disaster. Built big stacks early on but for some reason i just went super aggro and spewy as it went ahead and ended up pretty much busting myself out of them by trying to ‘create’ instead of picking up spots. Monday was a lot better though. Had consecutive deep runs in the $2.7 KO. Finished 300ish/5200 in first and 27/6000 in second. Was gutted! But the road ahead looks very good and i’m waiting for my first Bink (Yeah first!). For sure you will see my blog titled [B]BINK[/B] when i do get it.

Looking forward to the next session. So many questions.
Tilll then, Cheers!

P.S – I really did not know what to title the blog.

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Akshat Sharma

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