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first blog

Posted by James Bond on 2013-10-02 at 12:00 AM

hey guys

this is my 1st real blog of any kind poker or otherwise. i have blogged before after being coerced or as part of an agreement for staking and even that was only once or twice. so i am really new at this. my plan is to blog at least once a week as a challenge to myself to see if i can sustain this for a reasonable period of time or until i have enough money to not care any more.

this blog is going to be mainly about poker among other things. i am doing this anonymously through a proxy server because i want an unbiased opinion from people whose judgement might otherwise be clouded by my earlier acquaintance. i really want to learn the game properly and be financially independent and free to travel anywhere i wish and do anything i wish within reason.

to start off i know that poker can be really tough based on how you approach it. my current approach (and for a long time) has been extremely haphazard, unscientific and lacked discipline. i want to change that but i am lazy as most poker players are. all i want is the high of winning and want to win every tournament i play but i know that is not possible so a few days without cashing any tournaments and i get depressed. i would like to change that.

as of today i have started to walk/jog for about 45 mins and i plan to do that everyday to keep fit. i want to approach poker and my life in a completely new and healthy way. everything i have done for as long as i know has to change and i realize that because my life upto now has been unsatisfactory. i need to be the change that i want to see so i need to make that first push and see how far i can go. i am sure you guys will help me along the way as long as i contribute my tiny part in all this.

ok on to poker. i play primarily on PokerStars and very rarely on 888 and ftp. i have $888 in my account along with about $100 in tournament $$ so its about a 1000 bucks that is my bankroll. my plan is very modest all i need to be satisfied is about $750 a month which is decent money in my country and if i can sustain that for a while i can aim higher. as you guessed i play low stakes. i did win a couple seats in the recently concluded wcoop but with $800 in br it is unrealistic to play a $215 buyin once a while and expect to win big. of course that can happen but its extremely unlikely so i just unregistered got about $300 T$ and lost most of it in 2 days.

i play sngs and mtts. i dont have a strict plan because i get bored very easily i have tried to make plans before and it doesnt even last a day. i am ashamed of that because i am so undisciplined but that is just me and i guess that is nothing to be ashamed of. i play turbo 180s and low stakes mtts upto $11. i would love to win one of the BIGs the 5.50, 8.80 etc. that would really boost my br in a big way. i dont have a monetary target in my mind. when i am profitable i average 50c a tournament which is so low its depressing but i got to go on. once you start poker u just dont stop. ever. this is the life that i chose so i got to stick to it until i can do it no more.

i dont have a specific style of play but i would say i am mostly tight agressive but depending how i feel i can sometimes play any 2 cards and that causes my downfall most times. my poker math is really poor and that is why i play mostly on instinct rather than math. for me poker is all about confidence. there are times when i just run over everyone at the table and other times i have zero confidence. sometimes i get so confused i dont know if my aces or kings are good and i tend to draw on straights or flushes a lot. these days the math is never right to draw a straight or flush because almost everyone bets at least half pot to pot size on flop and it would always be wrong to draw there even when considering implied odds. am i right or completely wrong?

thats it for my random ramblings for now. hopefully the blogs will get better over time but dont bet on it. let me know suggestions in the comments to improve my game and get better or if you just wanna troll me. that is also OK.


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James Bond

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