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First Live Cash Game

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-12-04 at 12:00 AM

Hey Everybody!

As I informed in a diary entry kind of blog last time that I would be spending the weekend in Bangalore mostly partying with friends, have some meaningful discussion on a startup, Mushrooms with brother and avoid ex while playing something live at Golden Aces.

I’ll start with the starters and soup

This is Serious Shit: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm-ViInMmlw[/url]
It doesn’t matter whether you’re Triping, Playing serious Poker with high concentration or just having a good time, this works all the time without the loop! 10 hrs of Bliss!

Main Course: [B]Poker[/B]
Venue: [B]Golden Aces[/B]
Timing: 3PM Saturday
Buffet: [B]2500 INR[/B]
Menu: [B]50-50[/B]

So, we were 4 guys after enquiring about the buy-in I saw a waiting queue for 2.5K, So, 2 of us though to go for 5K table but that was downstairs and we all wanted to be on the same floor at least. Me and Chetan took 1 table, my bro and another friend took the other table. I was a bit cramped up in the initial stages.

Now, I am new to Cash, so when people around me asked to put in the blind, I just gave a 100 chip thinking it’s 50-100 or something and dealer did not even return me the 50! I don’t know if I actually needed to put 100, but I guess I just needed 1BB.

[B]Rake[/B]: OMG, Every pot that guy takes 150 into those slots, that’s sick man!, I would anyday run a Poker table rather than play Poker, during the 4 hours I played, I am sure that guy atleast got excess of 15K that’s sick for 1 table!

After openly inquiring about blinds, chip denominations, Pot-Limit Omaha Rules, Straddle, I was branded a noob on table for sure.

Anyways, I had these beautiful cards in Omaha, AA88 both suited, I raised to possible, got a few callers, I was left with 2000, flop was JJ9, I bet 500, the guy next to me, the pro who taught me all the rules moved all-in, I tanked for a while before folding, he looking at me like a learning child showed me his J.

Now, with 1500, I was sure I needed a double to continue or a rebuy!

[B]Limpers:[/B] There were limpers all around, I mean everybody! I raised to 5X once and still 3 guys called, Yeah Great! I had A5o

flop comes T23, 2 guys check to me, I bet 300, one guy raises to 800, I re-raise to all-in, but surprise surprise! [B]I cannot throw around chips[/B] and by bet is considered just a call.

He checks to me after on the turn of 3, so now board is T23-3, I bet all-in 700, he tanks for a while, Stand up, looks at me and says you have 22? I laugh and say “You’re not Phil Ivey man, so just don’t try to be one” He has this sad look on his face, he shows me T2 folds, and then leaves the table.

Guess who’s [B]the bad ass [/B]on table now!

Never looked back after that, played a lot of pots, small ones, got a double up, had one straddling, had a nice chat with the guy right to me (he had won the big 3.3 once)

My brother busted 2 buy-ins 5K, so I was mentally thinking about covering for him:)

I ended up with 7.9K from 2.5K, had a lot of food which was +EV 😀

Hoping to get back on grind this week, next week’s going to be full of exams 🙁

Vinay: Hoping to read more stuff from you and wishing you great luck on Tables and I am sure you’ll jump back to MTT after some time, you won’t be able to resist 😀

PB: Great Package on Sunday.

Antilog: Hoping to see more FTs! Much more!

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Dharamveer Singh

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