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First Live Cash!

Posted by Danish Shaikh on 2011-10-07 at 12:00 AM

I was pretty excited to play the India Poker Championship as it is i’m playing live for the second time. The field was humongous over 100 players so i decided to play a bit aggressive either to stay back or get knocked. A player on our table use to open anything around 1500 to 2500 from under the gun with blinds 100/200. He was dominating the table since no one wanted to get into a coin flip at an early stage. Villain opens 1500 from under the gun and i look down at aq s i tank for a while and shove for 7800 action is folded till big blind and villain tank folds.
Another hand against the same player villain limps in with blinds 200/400 i’m in mp i min raise it to 950 and villain flats flop is k q 8 i bet 1300 villain tank shoves for 6k more i’ think for a while analysis his strength and call since i had a good read on him. He shows qj i had kj suited i take down the pot ending his tournament run. After some time i was moved to some other table on which “Rahul Melwani” had position on me. luckily the card dead period ended and i was on card rush i made some sick allin moves from cut-off and hijack position which i had to do to survive. It was bubble time and unfortunately it was Mubina Rattonsey who got bubbled when her pocket tens collided with Pocket Rockets.
I entered the ft with 40k chips 5th in chip lead but unluckily i became the big blind which took away half life of my stack. It was a complete card dead period since i saw an Ace only once and that’s when i shoved from Lp and got busted when the tightest player called me with queens. but overall it was an awesome experience looking forward to play today’s event. Hope i do well 🙂

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Danish Shaikh

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