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Flowchart em !

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-11-12 at 12:00 AM

Have not played any MTT’s last week. Since FTP started, as per my last blog, I have deposited the money in it from Stars and doing the rush poker grind to get the nice initial deposit double up. At micros, cash games are the best bet to get those rake-back points. The plan is to continue the same with one MTT session thrown in once a week.

The PGMP groups are going great. I am glad to be there, revising my learning’s with the second group and doing HH review with the first one. There are some sweet HH reviews coming up in the first group with Adi back to putting in volume as FTP went online and he has already had some real good finishes on FTP and Stars yesterday. His blog on it here:

I came across an interesting part interview by Benjamin ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky on the recent all star showdown series where he finished second to Daniel ‘w00ki3z.’ Cates. The most interesting part for me was when he said that they do not adjust their strategy much in the middle of the heads-up game. They go in with a set strategy (with some fine adjustments), which is no doubt made over endless peering over their databases away from the tables.

I (and most of us for that matter) sort of used to have a set game plan too approaching the cash tables, which was very loosely defined. But I was also paranoid (yes, even at micros, lol) of having a set plan and being exploited. Thus used to chop and change a lot. The problem behind doing this is two-fold.One is results oriented adjustment. Two is fancy play syndrome. Also when you do too much change in the strategy during the game, it sort of contaminates your database, making any sort of analysis away from the tables difficult.

The correct approach would be to bracket villain’s into appropriate types as quickly as possible and have the set flowchart type plan for each of them. More importantly not to deviate too much from the flowchart plan. The adjustments to your flowchart have to be done away from the tables. Read Satyakee Sen’s sick blog (if you haven’t already) on something similar here:

Happy Diwali, guys!!

Till next week..


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Vinay Suchede

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