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Fly a kite today.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2013-01-12 at 12:00 AM

I fondly remember the days around the Makar Sankranti festival (which falls on 14th Jan every year) when I used to stay in Borivli-Kandivli area of Mumbai. Every evening, we kids used to be on the rooftop terraces of our apartment buildings flying kites. The competition to cut each other’s strings was fierce. Shouts of “lappaet” (rewound your string) used to reverberate throughout the terraces as soon as we cut a kite of an opponent. Unfortunately kite-flying is not much prevalent in the non-gujju locality of Andheri Lokhandwala where I have been residing for over 20 years now and never seen any enthusiasm for it here. (“Kite flying” is nowadays more of a euphemism for bull-sh*t)

Anyway, ability to fly kites depended a lot on the wind factor. A good wind and you didn’t need much effort. The kite almost flew itself. This was what I was hoping for when I jumped into 25nl disregarding BR and thought of taking a shot with an 8BI stop loss. Hoped I caught the right wind. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Before I could set up a game plan and figure things out, I had already plonked in the 8BI. So it is back to 10nl/5nl. But I will try to fly the 25nl kite again once I recovered those 8BI. 😉

In other story, I played some online (converted play money) home games on PokerStars. Took a shot there as well. I doubled up in the first week. Didn’t receive the cash out on time and was stalled a couple of times for it (the host being from a different city could have been the reason) which left me disappointed and confused as to whether I should be playing them. Though they are super super soft, I kind of lost interest as following up for cash-outs (along with an apprehension of whether they will happen) is not fun. Anyway, I dumped my winnings next week in couple of hands. One of them was in PLO which was ridiculous, chips are in with tied nuts on the turn, and then comes the sick river. (AK7x < KQ7x on a board of KK2/7/Q) Yuck. Other one was pair+FD against overpair in NL. So break even-ish couple of weeks there. Decided not to play anymore of these games until a better cash out system is in place. I was made whole btw so no complaints on that.

The games, especially PLO, are really some of the softest I have played in. There is a lot of “kite-flying wind” there. 😉 Win-rates could be really high if one has a good BR and thus can play them with deep stacks. Deep stacks are where the edges will express themselves at their max in them. Envy the people who have rolls to play these games and are crushing them. If one has a good roll and can get into some of these trust-worthy games, this is place to be playing and making some serious dough.

Good Luck to the Indian gang going for Red Dragon Macau! Here’s hoping the wind keeps blowing all your way.


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Vinay Suchede

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