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From 0$ to Goldstar.. Year in Review

Posted by Saurabh Thapar on 2015-01-02 at 12:00 AM

Hello to all fellow poker enthusiasts from all around the world! I hope everyone had a great new year party! This is a summary and review of my last year and effectively my first year playing poker for money.. I first started playing online at zynga for play money and fell in love with the race for having most number of chips among my peers eventually hit rank 6 in overall zynga leaderboard with a few bazillion chips to my credit and I was in my head the best poker player out there. Then in November 2013 I got introduced to PokerStars. I signed up for bankroll promotion and made my 2 $ bankroll into 125 $ roll playing sng and cash games. It was like so easy money I was over the top and without effective bankroll management and in a haste to move up the stakes in cash games I lost it all and by December 2013 was back to level 0$.

But I was determined to grind freerolls and build my bankroll from scratch again without depositing a single cent from my credit card. It was hardwork playing the fields of 6000 to 20000 for effective prize of 6$ for 1st place.
I came close to 1st on many occasions finishing top 3 on a few occasions eventually gave me a roll of 18$ which I grinded with playing 10 cent and 25 cent sng’s and grinding my roll to 50 $ which was enough to start grinding at 1/2 cent cash tables and then eventually it started to fall in place hard grind started to pay and I hit an all time high roll of 150$ in July 14 grinding 1/2 cent cash games mostly 6 max zoom. Then I moved with caution as I moved to 2/5c tables hit a few lows and went back to 1/2c grinding back my bankroll to play 2/5c tables. Then by September I was playing 5/10c zoom had build a bankroll of 300$. But my breakthrough came in November when I hit a purple patch playing the MTT’s FTed back to back in Big 27.5$ for 7 & 6 place finish pocketing 1111$ & 1616$ and on the side also won sweet 2100 $ on full tilt for a second place finish in miniftops 1.1 + event. All of the cashes coming in a matter of a week I was over the moon and my bankroll had hit rocket high of 5300 $ roughly I moved up my stakes in cash games as a result hitting 1/2$ and eventually hit 2/5$ zoom too I had become goldstar in a week of playing 2/5$ zoom with tons of grinding out eventually In one bad session of 2/5$ I lost a big chunk of my roll and went from 7200$ down to 4500$ in a matter of hours which was a major setback and I went back to grinding at 50c/1$ tables and played lot of mtts on the side testing and studying more skills and knowledge gained from watching videos and reading books on poker.

I hit a losing streak by late November and my bankroll dwindled to 3500$ so I made my first cash out of sweet 3400$ leaving 100 $ bankroll to grind back up with. But as luck would have it I lost that 100 $ pretty soon to few bad beats and few bad calls and my account starting January 2015 stands at 0$. In the end I must say I am proud of being able to cash out 3400 $ from 0 deposits reach coveted Goldstar vip level and final table and run deep in a few tourneys:) That’s my roller coaster 1st year in online poker from 0 to 3400$ profit! I am ready for my second year with more passion and zeal to grind back up from 0 to ….. lets see:) Wishing everyone a great profitable year ahead may all your draws hit and may you win all your flips #pokergrind’15on

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Saurabh Thapar

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