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From 500 – 2.2L, just in a day.

Posted by Nadeem Basha on 2019-05-05 at 8:05 AM
The importance of volume in Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) is often understated. At least, il admit, in my playing career, i was often guilty of neglecting it. Being used to playing live cash games, it was difficult to wrap my head around both live and online games concurrently.
However, this changed a while ago. I was going through a bad phase in my game and the wild swings every player experiences had gotten me rethinking my profession. It didn’t help matters that many close friends and acquaintances, asked me to consider giving it up. “Why don’t you consider a regular job?” they said.
But I always came back to the one basic canon: that i loved playing poker more than anything else. So i ploughed through. I am fortunate to be one of the lucky few to be coached by the best in the game. Kartik Ved and Lungi, have helped me out several times. As a stable, they didn’t just give me a bankroll to play. They helped me out as mentors and sometimes even as family members when needed. (Now how many other professions offer this kind of package?)
I’d like to recall one eventful night. Kartik had been advising me to start investing more time and volume in MTTs, even the smaller ones. One night he told us to play Midnight Rush on Stars which was ₹500 buy in with a 50k GTD. Incidentally that very night, i had exhausted my balance on Stars and was down to just Rs. 500 – essentially i had just a single bullet for the kill!
Well the bullet worked! I shipped that tourney that night with a 10k uptop which gave me enough to fire for HR satty+ take a bullet if required. I then went on to ship the stars high roller, winding up that night at 2.2L. This shows how every mtt is equally important, and i eventually ended up re-strategizing my approach to the games. I now play a well balanced mix of MTTs. It just goes to show that no matter how many years you have behind you, the game always keeps you learning!
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Nadeem Basha

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