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From Nada to Prada..

Posted by N.S.Vishnukaran on 2013-04-02 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,

This is my 1st blog here at PokerGuru. I have been following the blogs and updates here for some time now and I’m very excited to join this poker community.
I started playing poker when I was in college in 2009. When one of my friends made me bunk classes and dragged me to his friend’s place to play poker. They taught me and we played for play money. I instantly fell in love with the game. Then I started playing frequently on facebook and accumulated millions there. I knew I was good at it (atleast I thought so) and I absolutely loved playing all day long day after day.
I googled all about poker and started watching HSP. In 2010, I slowly made the transition to real money poker when one of my friends told that it’s possible to play for real money from India.
Unlike most of the players who deposited a couple of 100$s and went broke without following BRM, I deposited the minimum 50$ and created a neteller account and transferred 10$ into an everest poker account. I have always been a nit when it comes to BRM.

[b]My 1st MTT experience: [/b]

After I deposited 10$ into my everest poker account, I tried NL2 and played a couple of hands there. Then I searched for the lowest buy-in tournament and found the 1$ buy-in “chip & a chair” MTT. The 1st place of ~100$ caught my attention. Around 150+ players registered and after 2-3 hours of playing incredibly nitty poker, I shipped it for 110$. Maybe it was beginners luck, but it was such a thrill and one of the most exciting nights of my life. I played the same MTT the next day and final tabled again for ~50$. I immediately withdrew the 10$ I deposited and started playing the same MTT every night after college. But without knowing anything about strategies or short stack play, I busted the 150$ I had in my account in

[b] The beginning of my poker career : [/b]

I had ~60$ left in my neteller account and started to search for more MTTs which had low buyins with huge 1st place prize money. I found out about Full tilt poker and “The big little tournament”. This offered over 5000$ with a buyin of just 2.20$ every other Saturday night. I deposited 50% of my roll there and the rest on everest poker again and played them untill I busted my roll on both sites. I never knew I could have so much fun for so long with 50$. I did’nt have any regrets having lost the 50$ I deposited. I was one of the best 2500 INR I ever spent. I still continued to play the free roll MTTs in both sites every night after college.
One day when I searched more about these games, I found out about a website which offered 50$ free starting capital along with strategies on how to win at poker. I was super excited and signed up immediately and got the 50$ in a couple of days.
There were lots of players from India who played poker for real money and I got guidance in every way possible. I learnt I had to have a solid bankroll to play MTTs on a regular basis without going broke. I learnt about variance and everything else.

[b] My Double or Nothing Journey : [/b]

In 2011 , I had finished college and was working. I started playing 1$ and 2$ DON sngs with the 50$ bankroll every night after work. I started blogging regularly about my plans , results and so on.
I got the oppurtunity to meet Nitish Gupta there. I’m sure most of you guys know him now. In case you don’t know him , click ‘here[URL=”https://pokerguru.in/article/PokerGuru-Feature:Young-Guns-of-Poker-%E2%80%93-Nitish-Gupta-(Part-1)”]https://pokerguru.in/article/PokerGuru-Feature:Young-Guns-of-Poker-%E2%80%93-Nitish-Gupta-(Part-1)[/URL]’.
He was playing Double or nothing at that time and was crushing the highest stakes running .
He voluntarily offered to coach me for free to imrove my ROI in these games. He started coaching me on skype and let me watch him play through team viewer and reviewed my hands too.
With his generous help and hours of coaching and sweat sessions, I quickly moved up to 5$ games.
I had made ~500$ by the year end and I quit my job. I just wanted to do this for a living. Honestly I could’nt think of anything else at work or at home. Poker was on my mind all day.
In 2012 , I started playing full time and I moved to 10$ games. Somehow I convinced my parents to allow me to play poker full time from home. They are cool with it now.

[b] Current situation: [/b]

I’m playing DONs full time. Pretty much all stakes that are running. 10 to 12 tables. Mostly 10$ on merge. The 20$+ don’t run that much and are filled with regs and even fishes know how to play during the bubble. These games are pretty dead these days and most of the money is from rake back.
I want to switch to MTTs again , now that I have a decent roll to play them full time.
I’m going to apply for PGMP3 and I hope I’ll be one of the 10 lucky players who are about to get chosen for PGMP3.
It’s really great what Mr.Aditya Agarwal and other pros from poker guru are doing to help beginners get better at poker. As we all know it , PGMP is a once in a life time opportunity for any aspiring poker player who is interested in MTTs.
I’ll be blogging here about my plans , results and everything else from now on.

The graph is for 10$ games alone from the past cpl of months . I don’t have a 1k+ sample size on 20$+

[IMG][URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/6/10don.png/][IMG]http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/7196/10don.png[/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL][/IMG]

[b] Future Plan : [/b]

If I get selected for PGMP3, I’ll quit DONs and concentrate on MTTs alone.
I want to become a MTT regular by the end of this year.
I want to move out of my parent’s place and nothing other than goa makes sense for me.
I want to try live poker too and ship one of the events.
Long term goal is to win a bracelet and travel the world playing poker.
Hopefully this all works out.

Thank you for reading and good luck at the tables 🙂

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