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Get your PLO 6 skills right: Volume 2 of the Ebook series is OUT!

Posted by Aditya Sarkar on 2021-05-16 at 7:06 PM

Hey guys! I am pleased to announce the release of VOLUME 2 of my ebook “PLO 6- 50 Mistakes That I Have Made.”

This edition is a sequel to the previous version and takes tips and strategies one step further with the help of mistakes made often on the tables. You can check out Volume 2 here: cutt.ly/3bCoKq1 | Volume 1 https://rb.gy/v9uys8

In this volume, I go into detail about PLO 6 play strategies. How to approach the game better. Concepts like backdoor draw play, reading ranges, advanced blocker play, floating strategies, short-handed agro play, heads-up play, and more have been covered with elaborate examples.

With Indian sites also now giving out metrics and data around players, this book will help you better understand key player metrics that will help you make better and informed decisions.

Metrics like PFR, VPIP, and WTSD, for instance, play an essential role in profiling opposition and help you gain an advantage if used right.

With the boom in online poker, primarily due to more hours given to online poker this year, this book will also introduce concepts that will help you be more disciplined and make you more confident about your game.

I would recommend players getting started in PLO 6 to give this book a read to minimize the mistakes commonly made on the tables.

All the best!

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Aditya Sarkar

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