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glorious shoves, fun with pokerstove, and a needed break..

Posted by Russel Parkin on 2012-11-15 at 12:00 AM

So i wanted to share something from our last session. We were shown this thread where this guy shoves 25bb eff. from small blind after it comes folded to him, holding Q10ss…what will be your immediate reaction to this? 25bbs to pick up 1.5 blinds and antes?? Exactly.. his move was flamed on the thread.. called retarded and spewtarded , before out came the champ, stevie444, explaining that the shove, as it turns out was not only +cev in the situation, but also unexploited, which makes sense when we use pokerstove and then plug in villain’s calling range in the equation:

0= (x)*(the pot we pick if villain folds) + (1-x){( our equity vs his range)*(p) – (villain’s equity)*(p)}
where, x is villain’s folding frequency, p is the total pot after villain calls and 0 is the point where we break even. So, something like 99+, Aq+ would be 5% (or 95% folding freq.) and we are +cev by about 2bbs.

So, lesson learnt is, when it comes folded to us in the sb and we have something like 25 bbs , what we do is look at our hand, and then ask (politely) the bb what his calling range will be to a shove, take out your rough mental pokerstove, plug it in the equation and do the unexploitable :p
here’s the thread : [url]http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/glorious-shove-djk-1k-stars-304119/[/url]

Away from pgmp2, I’ve been off of live cash this week, which seemed like a much needed break, as i was spewing, had become a bit of a lagtard recently (been on a 17 buy in downswing since mid October and the effects of that had started to show in my game a bit). I’ve been playing in this home game, pretty much every session since July with hardly any breaks.The longest break was pgt2 October and some time around it.

I need to keep reminding myself that i’ll make less mistakes if i focus on position, VB-ing well, thinking through ranges, and exposure. LAG is still super simple poker because it is still poker. You just play a few more hands, apply a little more pressure, and make a little more money. (Also my high cbet % when oop needs to be lowered, instead need to look for better spots to apply pressure)

This break has given me time to play online.. micro sngs (single table to upto 180 mans). Plan to play mtts on the weekend.
Can’t wait for today’s session which will be more on glorious shoving ranges.

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Russel Parkin

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