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Goa aftermath and online grind..Plus my amazing day – 11/06/11 -2 tournies in 1 day!!

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-06-11 at 12:00 AM

Wssup pokerholics..

Got a lot to talk about..been keeping quiet cause I was following the team’s Macau progress very keenly myself..am super happy for kc and co for their achievements there. Am hoping to go the next time hopefully..in Aug.

0 cashes in IPC this time..*sigh* Had a cpl of deep runs..jst got short stacked tho and wasnt much i cud do. Felt like I played pretty gud..jst didnt hav much luck on my side when I needed it the most.
Cash games were going gr8 for me this time around. Started off with a bang and the last 3-4 nights were a living hell. From being up decently, I ended up being stuck for the trip in cash as well..wat a fakkin disappointment. Coolers and bad beats galore..and it didn’t seem like I could win even a single pot.

So I basically started playing online again a day before I had to leave. Came 2nd in a hyper turbo. Managed 2-3 more final tables after that I think and now finally this!! Wat an amazing day it has been..took down the 3.30+ 2x turbo on stars and as I was playing reg’d for a cpl more including the 109 turbo. Took down the 2x and realized I was deep in the 109..busted all others..focused solely on the 109 and..*surprise surprise* somehow managed to take this baby down as well..lot more swingy final table this one was..Went from being chip lead to shortest stack to mid stack to finally taking it down..wat a ride I’ve had..cant describe the feeling 😀

Hope u guys havv been runnin gud in ur games as well..until next time!

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Aditya Sushant

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