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Goa! Sweet Goa!

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-08-13 at 12:00 AM

I am back to Goa after a 2 month break. Looking forward to some crazy live poker action along with crazier action online. The whole team is putting in some insane volume, and the results are showing. Sam has totally killed it in the past few weeks. While I made a few deep runs this week there was nothing relevant that I cud manage. Intervention has been working really hard with each one of us, giving everyone personal attention.

I pretty much plan to grind online throughout the month and play the aces and PokerGuru series live, since I don’t play cash games I don’t feel the urge to hit the casino as soon as I arrive in Goa. The potential shots at winning in excess of 50k USD every night has killed my love for the casino too. I have to add here that family support is extremely important for someone to play so much almost everyday, I’ve been lucky enough as my wife has been extremely supporting in my decision to play ONLINE POKER. No points for guessing who gets to shop the most when I ship the Sunday million!

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Kunal Chandra

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