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Goa Times.

Posted by Dhaval Mudgal on 2013-12-04 at 12:00 AM

After almost 2 years of constantly being in Goa, returning after a gap of 3 months made me feel almost alien. But Goa makes it easy to come back.
I planned to play the Golden Aces events, stick around for a couple of days of cash action and head back before the DR cup.
The plan also included shipping something at GA.
Got seated at a ridiculous table at the first event of GA, with Maddy seat 1, Me in seat 2, Kanjani Seat 3, Jasven seat 4, as well as Antilog and Rajesh Goyal.
This meant the table was fun and tough. Lots of blinds being defended and not too much folding too 3 bets.
Anyway, started nicely before this hand.
Folded to me on the button, I opened 7s6s only for Jasven to defend his BB. Magically a AsJs7h flop appeared. Jasven check called my bet on the flop as well as the brick turn and then 8s on the river on which he led out pot. I called only to see Ks3s and lost a massive pot.
Next orbit, Manoj opened UTG +1, I shipped 14 bb with 99 from button and Jasven woke up with JJ in BB. GG me.
Was kicked about the super bounty and started really well again by eliminating Kanjani in a pretty big pot first level. 6 limpets on my BB, I pick up AK and make it 5x, Kanjani in hijack now moves his whole stack in the middle after limping and I call and beat his JJ.
Few hands later,@100/200 EP limps, I raise QcJc to 550 and EP calls.
Flop is 10c 9c 3s and I’m salivating by now. EP player leads for 1k, I make it 3k he calls.
Turn is the Qh and I now have top pair as well as an open ended straight flush draw. EP leads again and I decide that theres no getting away here and ship it in. He calls and his Q 10 off holds and i’m crippled.
Get moved and pretty quickly get it in with QcJc in a multiway pot against AK and am eliminated on a 10c 6d 6s Qs Jh board. Brutal river but whatever.

Could never really get going in the main, Anti and danish were bossing the table, and Anti won a couple of pots from me early. Was down to just under 11k at 400/800, when super tight player opens UTG to 2000, Kanishka from button makes it 4k, I move all in with AcKc from the SB, UTG folds, Kanishka calls and shows 8h5h. Pretty brutal board run out- 7s 4s 3h 2h Ad giving him the wheel and GG me.
So completely bricked GA and was pretty disappointed as I knew I didn’t play too well, but as a side result had tons of time to play cash and did pretty well at some juicy games.
Sunday, Me, Antilog, Bblacklegend, Kanishka, Kavish, Donka, Romit, Ajwani all got together and rented out the Sailda del Sol conference room and set up a massive grind.
I didn’t put out too much of an outlay, had a super deep run in the bigger 55 and FTed a 25 hyper for 7th place so was a profitable Sunday overall.

Felt like the tide was turning so decided to stay back play cash over the week and play the DR cup as well.And boy am I glad that I decided to stay back!
Cash action at this time in Goa is awesome and continued to do well.
DR cup first event on Wednesday had 84 runners for the 10k.
Started really well on a soft table. DR cup field was really soft and the plan was simple. Be involved in more pots early.
Flatted a tight players 3x open in a multiway pot from BB with 7s6s and the flop ran out 7c6c3h. I led out and the player who opened raised, I shipped it in and he quickly called and showed Qc10c but my hand held up.
Antilog was seated on my left by now and I remember telling him, don’t3 bet me light today, today is a different day.
If you know anti, you know he went against my advice:), but it was a different day, and I 4 bet right back.
Im pretty sure this dance would have continued but our table broke and I got moved to a tougher table with Apoorva and Romit. Won some big pots including a pretty big all in pre with JJ vs 10 10 before I spewed off a decent sized pot from BB with Q9 vs AA on a Q 10 3 2 board.
Anyway, final two tables and I got a really soft table full of tight players, and most decent players were bunched together on another table. Kept chipping up until I lost CL pot with KK to AQ on the FT bubble. 3 players claimed they had folded an Ace so it was particularly brutal when the 4th diamond appeared to give Yogesh his nut flush.

On the 10 handed FT, I was 7/10 with 15bb with Antilog and Varad Patil as CL. As only nine were in the money and there were some shortish stacks, I took a couple of early spots when Varad and Anti opened to ship it in and chip up.
One kid had gone on a monster heater by now and was showing up with AA/KK AK and picking up huge pots. The rest of us were pretty much watching him run the show by now.

Varad opened to 17k @ 3k/6k, Romit went all in with 33k, I had 40k with AQ and i got it in as well.
Varad showed JJ and Romit KQ and and ace high board meant I was back in business.

The other guy pretty much wrapped up the rest of the FT till we were down to 3. Pretty hilarious thing happened here, when I was button and BB moves all in and SB calls, I’m yet to act! LOL. Yogi Thakur FTW!
We started heads up with Pranav holding a 3:1 chiplead, and he started pretty strong on the adrenaline rush that heaters tend to give you. After a couple of levels of to and fro, I opened KhJs and he 3 bet, I decided to call.
Flop Ks 4h 4d went check check. Turn 7d and he led, I min raised and he moved all in.
I was pretty sure I had the best hand here, though I did consider AA for just one minute, told myself he deserved it if he had actually played that hand like that and called. He shows Ac5c for air. Brick river meant we were equal in chips and I was feeling pretty confident by now!
Just a few hands later, I opened QJo and he called. Magic flop Ac Kc 10s. He check called my flop bet and I was pretty sure he’s got Ax and he’s not ready to fold all the way.
3s on the turn and I bet about 55 % and got called again. The flop flush completed on the river and he checked again, after which I shoved and he called off with Ax.
He had 2-3 bb left which were done in the next hand 9d7d vs KQ.
Good to come back to Goa and ship something, good prep for the big one that’s coming in Jan in Macau!
I remember saying that OFC would be big in my last blog, but this time all of Goa was tripping on a variant of OFC called Pineapple which is like OFC on steroids.
Did really well at Pineapple as well so a real sweet trip all in all.
Until next time!

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