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Goa travails, passing up on Macau :( and upcoming IPC

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-05-27 at 12:00 AM

Hey folks,

Hope all of u are keeping well. Been a while so here’s an update. I left for Goa on 14th May. Skipped the IPS, didn’t play the IPO either (gotta give others a chance ;)) Played 3/5 of the Aces Unlimited events. Skipped the rebuy cause I overslept and skipped the shootout cause it was sunday and most of team PokerGuru had decided to grind online as it was a HUGE Sunday. Played badly and frustrated in the 1st turbo deepstacked event. Had already dropped a bundle at the cash table by then and maybe that played a role. Was card dead too tho to add to my woes. Busted pretty early and went on to lose more in the cash games. Was playing decently in the bounty event, had procured 3 bounties too before I busted 14th or so when I got short stacked. Main event, I got coolered when Kavin picked up Kings in the cutoff when I had AK on the button and not much of a stack.

22nd was a huge sunday night for online grinding. The SCOOP and MiniFTOPS events were both concluding and there were a lot of huge guarantee tournies. I went deep in one before busting. However, my best finish came in the Million were I busted like 330th outta 16,000+ ppl when my AK ran into (yup u guessed it) Kings yet again. Was disappointed I cudnt go deeper obviously. Samohh went super deep and basically bubbled in a miniftops event with 20k entrants where 1st was 60k or so. Intervention almost final tabled the 750k guar on FT on the trot but unfortunately bubbled as well when he became short stacked. Overall cud hav been a lot better with lot of missed rued opportunities.

Cash for me in Goa was going along really bad. Was down a LOT, then recovered some, lost it back and finally had a decent last session. Had decided to head back on that day but something pulled me towards royale and lets just say I managed to significantly reduce my losses. All the suck outs and coolers from the initial stages vanished instantly and I actually felt like I was up 🙂

As some of u may hav heard, lot of guys from the PokerGuru team are going to Macau to basically play the PokerStars sponsored Poker Cup. i had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to go but have finally opted out and decided to stay back. Hav just returned back to Chennai and am giving myself a short break before I head back to Goa and crush in the IPC. Am wishing the best to all the guys from the team in Macau and hope they bring back great news..so badly wish I cud be thr with u guys!!

Coming back to the IPC, this is a great chance for me and a couple others to get some good scores. I’m hoping to take down my 3rd IPC title this time. Been a while since I last went deep..so maybe finally some redemption time for me 🙂 Hoping to see a lot of u guys at the IPC!

P.S. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnxFohpljqM[/url]

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Aditya Sushant

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