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Goa Trip and the PGT

Posted by Jagdeep Singh on 2012-08-06 at 12:00 AM

Usually my trips to Goa are about cash games. But with enough juicy games running in Mumbai, it was about tourneys this time. I wanted to test most of the things that I learnt in the mentorship program. I was also excited about meeting most of the guys from the mentorship program. One day before PGT, we had a session at Adi’s place revising the pre-flop strategy and started with post-flop strategy. We discussed some specific hand situations. After that, I went along with Vinay and Samoh to play cash game at Pride. Game was pretty dead there. I played one interesting hand with Samoh though. Effective stacks 18k (100/200 game), Samoh raises 1000 from cut-off, I call AQo from button. SB calls too. Flop is JJ6 (2 hearts). SB checks, Sam checks I bet 1200. SB folds and Samoh re-raises to 3100. I did not think there was any hand that would raise pre and check raise the flop for value. So I flat the re-raise.Turn is K. Samoh bet 4k, I flat- still confident that I have the best hand. River is 9 of hearts completing the flush. Samoh checks and I realize that 9 hit him; else he would have put in another barrel (heart was definitely a good scare card for him to bluff again). I shove 10k. He tanked hard and called to show A9. Unlucky River, but a nicely played hand by both players. I played exactly the same way as I would have had I known my opponents hole cards.
Played for a couple of hours, created a laggy image and just when I was about to get paid for my investment, game broke off. We went to Royale, which had a 200/500 game running. I skipped that and went back to the guesthouse.
Next day, I played my 2nd live tourney ever. First was in 2010 when I visited Goa for the first time and realized that a 6 hour grind in cash game was more profitable than in tourney!
For the 5k freeze out, the structure was quite shallow with 50BB starting stack. Had to win some pots early for a deep run. Played one interesting hand- Level 100/200- I had approx 24BBs. MP, I see KQo and I see Raman on the button. I decide to limp, fairly certain that button would raise and then I will make a move. As planned he did raise 3.25BB, better- BB called too, and I insta shoved! He tanked and tanked and called! Phew, that was not part of the plan! He shows AK. How can an aggro player on button wake up with AK :O… Flop was JT6 giving me an open ender. Two bricks ended my tourney there! When I think of it now, I could have played it better.
Never mind, I started playing cash! Ran good and made around 50k till I was shifted to another table. Stupid casino rules at Royale!!! Variance caught up with me on the new table and from 50k up, I went 35k down… As you can imagine, I was on huge tilt… Normally, this is the problem I face- not being able to stop playing when I am playing bad. But, I am glad I kept on playing that day. Soon enough, we had a huge hand on the table, when quad deuces got busted by quad nines. And I got a cool 1 Lakh bad beat jackpot just for being part of the table. That was enough to lighten up my mood. 😉
I played an hour more and went to the guesthouse. In my next blog I will talk about the Hero Play Syndrome, Epic Blowup in the 12k tournament and how I managed to lose the tournament that I was so sure I would win!!!

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