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Posted by Gurpal Singh on 2012-12-14 at 12:00 AM

was in Goa for 10 days had a great time chillling with my friends …stayed far away from casino at ashwem beach ….its one place to be if u have 2 take a break from from poker and party in Goa….then i decided to shift to panjim to play a couple of side events at the atp..


i reach casino for the first side event and find the place in mess…the staff was arranging tables for the tourney to kick of which eventually did after 1.30 hr delay

i busted out on the third level of play …i made a move buy going all in on the turn and the villan calls me with j high flush draw…but eventually he wins j high

the next day i went to play the second event the head hunter

i was sitting between rakesh ji on my right and the samohh on my left….i was playing quite aggressively winning 8 out of 10 hands was running good also been delt with aa twice in same orbit… then comes rahul melwani who late registers and sits to my left and very first hand he gets double up from me 88

it was a good experience will be coming to goa for few more live tourney specially the pgt

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Gurpal Singh

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