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Good Career Start!

Posted by Gokul Raj on 2018-12-03 at 6:42 PM

I’m a professional poker player from Chennai. I’ve been playing poker professionally for more than a year. Looking back at my year long poker career, it has definitely changed everything in my personal life and I also improved as better player.

“How do I get better as a player and make a good living out of poker?” I was not sure about this when I started my professional poker career and I was looking for the right answer. My path was here and there and I was not doing the right things. It was a blessing for me to meet Adi in the start of my career and get coached by him. He guided and helped me to understand about all the ‘Variables’ in our game.

Once Adi told me I was terrible in “Short stack”, so I started to work that and sure I’m decent at it now. There are way so many variables in poker to be learnt and mastered like deep stack, short stack, 3bet pots, 4bet pots, ICM, HU, etc etc and again in-game variables to be considered and aware of etc etc and there is a lot in it to be even known.

I find my poker career even more interesting after I get to know more about these variables! Its been a fun last one year to learn and play more poker. I’m really glad that I’m making living out of poker and I know I’ve to study and work harder to sustain in this profession! I’m sure today I’m not aware of all the variables in poker. But I hope I find about all the variables in poker one day and master them.

Thanks for the read!

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AsHish MuNot
AsHish MuNot
2 years ago

variables ?

Gokul Raj

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