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Good things are happening in Poker!

Posted by Amin Rozani on 2016-04-02 at 12:00 AM

‘Imagine’…. was what we did, when some of us took unchartered strides to promote a sport that taught us so much and threw us into the deep end of the game called life. Poker was then only beginning to gain popularity in India, after changing lives and making waves all over the globe.

It’s been a long journey from then to the present. The game that we had promoted fearlessly has been gaining immense traction as a “Mind Sport” and has been strongly recommended for inclusion in the Mind Olympics, alongside Chess.

“Chess with cards” as defined by an upcoming poker star is no longer just a recreational game of skill. It’s now the career choice of a growing number of young guns who have had the gall to quit highly paying secure day jobs to pursue a career in poker.

“If the only skill a person has is to play poker, why should he or she be stopped from investing in this skill?” -A simple question that started the ball rolling in favour of legalizing a sport that requires multiple skill sets, which have been honed over many years on the felt, whether offline or online.

Post the licenses to run poker rooms in off shore casinos, Bengalore (Karnataka State Government) took the first initiative to get offline poker rooms on land, followed by West Bengal. This initiative helped in serving the game with lesser overheads, thus leading to lesser rake and making the game more profitable for the players.
Another great initiative last week by the Nagaland state government is legalizing poker as a mind sport and passing an act which shall allow them to license online poker sites in the country; giving us more liberty to market it to the masses.
Indeed, here’s looking at many more state governments to be convinced to legalizing poker throughout their domains.

Many good things are happening in Poker my friends and we as poker freaks can only hope that this is the beginning of a revolution with much more to come.


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Amin Rozani

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