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Posted by Anuj Yadav on 2021-09-16 at 5:56 PM
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Over the past few days, I have genuinely come to appreciate the beauty of being a poker player. We get to live the lifestyle of athletes while, at the same time, this is the only sport where we are not restricted by the contracts of a team or organization. The lifestyle of a poker player seems even more fun than being an entrepreneur, as it is easier to fall in love with the process (training/studying/playing the game we love) in poker.

Poker is still in its early stages, and training seriously like an athlete could fetch you exponential rewards. At the same time, unlike in other sports where we have to retire by a certain age, it is possible to compete and crush at the highest levels in poker at any age if you take this game with a serious mindset. (Eg: Sam Grafton crushing online poker at 56 years old etc.)

In fact, we can always keep growing in this game; for, e.g., if you ask Dnegs if he was a better poker player when he was younger or now, he would tell you that in the present day, he is the best he has ever been.

Poker is only going to grow from here. Anyone who takes grinding and training seriously has a really bright future ahead of them with trips to all kinds of international events and getting the opportunity to inspire aspiring youngsters through their poker skills.=

I am grateful for the love and respect I received from the community in the past couple of months. To honor that, coupled with my passion for this sport, I will dedicate myself to becoming a world-class athlete through a lifestyle of extreme discipline consisting of immense focus on my poker training, health, mindset, etc. I will also put in serious effort to become a person that aspiring grinders can gain inspiration from and try to grow this beautiful mind sport in my own ways.

I have gone from 75 kgs shredded physique (before poker) to 97 kgs out of shape currently and inspired by this interview from Virat Kohli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOAOafJcB3U

I have decided to put my fitness as my top priority. To speed up the process, I have gone on a solo trip to a hill station. I would be trekking relentlessly every day and not returning home until staying active is my habit, and I’m happy with my weight. I am a little bummed not to be playing all the FTS and INCOOP events, but I will definitely be playing as much as possible soon and maybe check out the FTS replays of FTs of top regs.

Here are many positive things are happening in the Indian poker scene right now that deserve credit:

A. Indiandurr and Worm are consistently crushing at the high stakes internationally, showing us that the poker dream is still more than alive for people that approach this game with a serious mindset.

This has really inspired me to get back seriously into the study and poker grind. I will definitely be putting more volume on the international felts once I am back into the habit of studying the solver and ICMIZER content vids, etc., like I was in 2020.

B. Voot and PSL partnering up and showing us the journeys and hardships that poker pros went through. This really helps the aspiring grinders/audience feel like they are a part of your journey and root for you which is excellent.

C. PBCI guiding weak players to become pros.

D. The budding streaming scene really helping in growing the game.

E. Live Regs (especially the bracelet winners) adding fuel to the upcoming players’ WSOP dreams. Keep crushing guys, hope to see you getting more success on the international felts.

F. Mozzie and BigggTymer being great role models for youngsters and showing us the mindset of elite athletes.

G. Stables for providing a serious training/supportive environment for promising grinders and producing successful players. Please try to look out for and provide positive value to the struggling grinders and the non-regs in the community as well, guys. Once you are loved and respected by the community as a whole, your results and experience will be even better.

More content from grinders with a serious mindset would be great.

Let’s all create a happy, passionate, and inclusive community like Brazilians have and try to outwork every other nation (Germans, Americans, etc.) to take India to the top.

It’s going to take immense hard work and sacrifices, but the sport will reward those who put in the extreme work very well. The pleasures/successes of life will taste even sweeter after you have suffered immense hardship and given it your all-in in training.

There’s no happily ever after for me personally. I will always keep working hard towards something and enjoy the fruits of hard work and sufferings in small bouts periodically. That kind of lifestyle really appeals to me and suits me.

Also, instead of being so tightly-knit and creating an echo chamber amongst regs and optimizing for helping only our friends and group members, let’s try to be people that see and do everything with an objective point of view that even the lowest stakes grinders and outsiders can connect or relate with.

GL for FTS, INCOOP, and other MTTs everyone, let’s take this beautiful mind sport to the next level and enjoy the journey along the way 🙂

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Jatin Nanda
7 months ago

I really enjoyed your blog. Keep writing more!

Anuj Yadav

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