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Grind away from home

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2014-04-05 at 12:00 AM

So there’s been a lot of blogging going on and about time i put up something aswell. Last feww weeks have seen some real scores coming online and live aswell. Donka, Inter, Danish, bblack, Kavish u just name it. HUge shoutout to you guys… great job.!

Now all this time, i was sitting besides most of these guys watching them bink. And let me tell you, it was not an easy ride for any of them. Some drunk stationing (in the zone calldowns), some levelling wars and the rest is pure OWNAGE. So much to learn everytime you grind with others and watch them play.

Talking about me, i have been doing pretty ok but that score is not yet ready to come for me. Well, can’t do much other than keep playing and keep playing good. And that’s what the plan (blog:rolleyes:) is for now. I was pretty happy the way i played the live THOS and DR CUP tournies. Couldn’t hold my AK against 78hh on JJ9hh board in the THOS main and QQ against AK at DR main. Other than that, i feel good abt my live game now. I made a sick call in the DR main which i am really happy about… some guy opened MP to 1000 at 200/400, Rahul Raju 3bets to 2600ish from BU, i make it 5500ish from SB with A9o, MP guy snap folds, and Raju put me all in. This put me in a long tank… Nobody wants to bust of a tourney making a hero call. The call seemed right tho, and after a long tank i made it and i was ahead, way ahead. Not sure if it sounds that sick now, but i felt like a beast back then when it happened. He owned me at some spots after that tho :P..

Other than that just been having a pretty great time with the guys here at bombay and with the weeked starting, stay tuned for some more deep runs and big scores..


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Sahil Agarwal

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