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Grind on my Mind

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-03-19 at 12:00 AM

As most of u guys know, I have been playing a lot lately, its good to be back grinding and putting in some volume. Online mtts will not be the same what is used to be pre black Friday, but with fulltilt coming back things are somewhat better. Its been tough though, I have been working very hard, studying as much as I can and adjusting to smaller buyin fields, I have gotten cpl of small scores here and there but overall I am down some last month or so, which kinda sucks considering how much volume/effort I have put in, but its a work in progress, I am committed to keep working hard till I can consistently crush, all I do is study/play, so shud be able to get there at some point. I will be playing a bit higher now (FTOPS!) that I feel more confident now, will blog regularly on how the online grind is going and maybe I will hv a some kind of score to brag about soon.

PGT Season 3 will be from april 3-7th, with POY 12 Lakhs freeroll being held on 3rd. The entire series is gonna cost 28k-35k (extra 7k if u re-enter main event). As always we are expecting record fields, with smaller buyin it should still offer value for players as the field size will be bigger and players will get better ROI. With an economical series like the April edition we expect to see a lot of people trying tournament poker for the first time. We have also decided to just 2 events in Goa this yr, out next PGT Goa event will be August after WSOP. TDS is a big issue and would hurt the community too much if they were multiple events, we are looking at alternates and should most likely do an event in Sri Lanka/Nepal before end of the yr. A bunch of us will also be doing the Sunday grind on 7th april in Goa if any pg member wants to come and play online on Sunday with us, after the PGT turbo event though 🙂

After I freed up in mid feb, I finished PGMP 2 sessions and now I am just doing hh reviews with combined group of pgmp1 and pgmp2, will be going over hh’s with them till end of the mnth. Overall its been a bit disappointing with commitment of the students, some of them are obviously awesome (sahil, prateek, harshil) but most of them want to learn but are not willing to put in the time/effort to get better, so I am not sure how long I will continue with these hh reviews for the 2 batches. I will be starting pgmp 3 sometime in May and will be choosing a much smaller group of 10 players who are committed to becoming mtts pros, so any of u interested in applying should start getting active now blogging/forum posting to improve ur chances of getting picked.

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Aditya Agarwal

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