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Posted by Krish Shah on 2014-07-09 at 12:00 AM

Hi Guys,

Firstly I would like my readers to know a bit detail about me, I am a Uni student in Melbourne and I have been hooked to Poker since late 2010, which is again a good story and I would like to share it in a later blog.

I am not an online poker player like most of you here, I specialize is live cash games and I have got good results recently (though I tried my hand on online poker couple of times but did not get any success).

In Melbourne, we have the biggest arena of Poker, The Crown Poker Room (host of Aussie Millions and WSOP Asia Pacific). Its a huge stage for any poker player and to have an easy access to it by taking a 20 min journey by tram, I feel myself blessed.

When I came here in February, 2014, I did not have any strong bankroll, so I jumped to the lowest stakes (1/2) game but with my infinite tries all I could achieve is break-even. So, I took a break from Poker for a month or so and focused on my studies as my end-sem exams were approaching.

My exams finished on 20th June and then I said to myself, why not give my best shot again to poker until I get a part-time job. So, I jumped to my old routine of grinding 1/2 games but again Breaking-even was the outcome and then I realized that 1/2 is impossible to grind as it charges 10% rake with cap at $20 and max buy-in on the table is $80 which is relatively short stack for a cash game.

On 27th June I had a profit of $120 and I decided to jump to 1/3 game where max buy-in is $200 and rake is capped at $12 (yes, the rake on 1/2 is more than that at 1/3), so the game is not short stack and you do not see someone shipping in their first hand. I got immediate success on 1/3, as the game was beyond my bankroll, so I played tight until more than a double-up and that then eventually loosened up as by then I have had started understanding the players on the table and grinded with more speed and I realized this is the strategy that actually works flawless.

I have been grinding with the same strategy since then and have got good success. I have bankrolled myself with $2.8k within 13 days and I will now be grinding full time until my vacation and then I will be managing my Uni timings and Poker timings in a way that I dont miss my education over poker.

My most short term targets are making good bankroll at cash games and getting good at the daily tournaments they run at Crown, so that I bankroll and practice myself for the coming ANZPT coming in the August. Also, another major tournament coming is WSOP Asia Pacific in October, for which I am highly excited and I have target to play atleast couple of events and the idea of playing World Series motivates me every single day.

I will try to post blogs on regular basis.

Good Skill to everyone at the Tables.


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Krish Shah

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