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Half Marathon + Liverpool Leading + Me Shoving

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2013-01-30 at 12:00 AM

It’s 50 Mins at the emirates and Liverpool are leading Arsenal by 1 goal, this definitely calls for a blog and so we are here:)

I have decided to take part in the [U]Amity Kolkata Half-Marathon [/U]coming Sunday, it’s going to be 21 KM, so I am very sure Poker skills would be of great help.

Need to go slow in the beginning: You know players who just shove their AQ early game, only to see either called by better or losing value, you don’t want to be one of them, you don’t sprint ahead, you take your time and take small steps ahead at a comfortable pace, just like taking down those small pots.

[B]Why Half Marathon?[/B]
I love to challenge myself, I am fat and obese, though my Facebook photos won’t make you feel like that (or maybe they will) but these days I am eating all the cheese, butter chicken, patties, Crackle, comes my way, or I make them come my way.

21KM is gonna be long, I may dream to win WSOP ME, but winning this marathon, no I don’t dream that far, I wish to complete it within a respectable time (Respectable Time=Whatever time I complete it)

[B]Sometimes, it’s the journey that is matters more than the end[/B]

PGMP is one such thing, few of our batch mates have been really not doing justice to this journey, you know, I trained myself for a week to give my best shot on Sunday, I’ll be trying a demo 10K run tomorrow, so that I am conditioned for 21K on Sunday, these blogs, hand discussions are all important for beating those tables, just like the electrolyte drink after 11KM. Come on guys, this was our dream, we all aspired and perspired to be here, don’t give up so easily!

I hope people buckle up and put more and more interesting motivating blogs and am sure Adi will give everyone another chance.

I was going good in the Hot 11, then shoved JQ with around 50 people left from UTG+1 with 11BB, got called by a smaller stack with KQ, he won and I was down to 4BB, I get AA on BB, hang on for a while but not for long, if only I would have waited till 10BB 😉 Alas 😀

[B]Update: Now Liverpool leads 2-0! Cheers for Rodgers![/B]

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Dharamveer Singh

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