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Happy 355

Posted by Sharad Rao on 2014-09-07 at 12:00 AM

16th September i played my 1st ever game on PokerStars ‘Hot 0.55’

Little did i know about the game, little do i still know.

It’s been 355 days.

Names like ‘intervntion’ ‘bblacklegend’ ‘antilog’ ‘donkab0mber’ were like the Hrithik roshan of the industry to me where i was not even Rajpal yadav :p

355 days from there and today here i stand with a small profit, 10k games and ready to play my 1st Wcoop event today.

I think i owe a lot to the industry and everyone involved in it.

I think i was very very lucky to have met some of the best people in my journey till now who never treated me like a naive junior and trusted me everytime and showed trust in me.

i would take this opportunity to thank:

-Donraja Anna for putting so much faith in me. It boosted my confidence to such heights.

-Raghu bhaiya who i dont know if i can ever thank, helping me with almost everything. He treated me like a brother even though we had just met.

-Vinay sir for motivating me and guiding me always.

and to

-Abhishek sir who has been so so patient with me, I think i am one of the most irritating student a teacher could ever have but i think sir has never ever been even a bit rude. how do you stay so calm? lol.

Well i think it was hell of an year but its just the 1st step. I I would like to thank everyone in the industry also for being so kind and giving.

I know i am definitely not the top 50 players in the country but my Sunday pack sold in 30 minutes!!!
And icing on the cake was when bblack sir takes a look at that and tells me that i need to correct my schedule. [that felt so good]

-i think in this one year i achieved 5% skills, will keep putting in hard work and keep grinding.

and to everyone who has been a part of my journey, for the faith you have shown in me…

Someday i shall be the best i promise you all.


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Sharad Rao

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