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Happy Diwali

Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-11-15 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends,

Happy Diwali to you.

We might be at different places, and must have celebrated Diwali in different styles, but, one thing is for sure, we all must have prayed the Goddess Laxmi to give us one big win in Poker that we all are waiting for.

I have been myself very busy due to Diwali, so could not play much, but since in love with poker, so played few tourneys and SnGs (all online), not with big results.

Though was running deep in 2-3, but as usual lost big flips at wrong times, Ac8c versus Kc9c, AdKd ag 55, AcQc ag 88.

For sure, did not implement total lessons taught at PGMP, got excited and carried away, thus learnt that patience and keeping cool are must, two important ingredients for becoming a poker player.

So, next time will try to implement all the lessons and improve my mistakes.

Looking forward to giving you big scores very soon, till then stay tuned, because my other batch mates have already started giving results.

Good Luck to everyone

Bye for now, Happy Diwali

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Sweetu Bansal

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