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happy new year

Posted by Gurpal Singh on 2013-01-07 at 12:00 AM

hey guys

i have not been playing Poker was in a holiday mode was celebrating my new year in Goa had a pretty good time with friends and family had a blast at sunburn…

i had to attend the session which adi was giving to the the pgmp 2 batch….so i decided to catch up adi and sit with him when he was taking the session …..we had a good chilling time samohh and all bunch of his friends…..then i loved watching him play plo on stars till 1 am ….then i deciced to head towards the casino…. on reaching to casino was disiponited that on 2 full tables were running and 1 plo table was running short handed….so i decied to to play some plo with some know faces like gulati and nitish on the table ….. very first hand i got a double up and the was no looking back…won a huge pot against nitish more than 100k which i called his pot size shove with my top pair and a queen high flush draw and a openender and hitting my straight…. after 8 hours of grinding booked a good profit then when straight to airport…..

now gearing up for tcoop will be playing mid stakes tourney ….hopeing for a good result

take care

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Gurpal Singh

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