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Happy New Year !!

Posted by Bobbe Suri on 2012-01-03 at 12:00 AM

I wish all my friends a very happy 2012. This year should be a break through year for Indian Poker. Lot’s of events, lots of players traveling worldwide to compete in big ticket tourneys, high stakes madness etc etc. I expect someone from India to ship a big 1 this year.
I ended the year on a very good note since I made a comeback to the high stakes cash scene in Goa after I saw the necessary changes being adopted by the poker rooms to curb the collusion menace. Not many people expected me to do well and I enjoyed the underdog reputation despite being one of the best performed players in 2011.
I decided to spend the New Year’s holidays in Goa and was lucky to find some good games both at the Royale and Pride. Since there was no high stakes table on the first day, I set up a challenge for myself to start with a Bankroll of 50k and give myself 6 months to make it 5 million playing just 100/200 live in casinos and tourneys. My challenge Bankroll is up to 215k as on 2-01-2012 and I shall be updating the stats regularly.
I found a high stakes game on the 30th ,0.5k/1k with 2.0 Lakhs buyin. I started disastrously and lost 150k in a single hand and then reloaded another 200k. I was running decent ad was up to 500k in a short while. Intervention came to our table and was atypically super tight and hardly played a single hand for 3 orbits. I got into a hand with him with KK and after a round of betting and raising preflop, we got all-in . He smirked and showed me AA and I was so disappointed. I got lucky and saw a K in the window and that shattered the New Years Eve for Intervention who just packed up and left the table. I did good and ended up winning 700k for the session.
The next day was a very short session and I did good to win 300k in just about 3 hours of poker.
My last day was a bit swingy , I started with 250k on a 500-1000 table and tried to bluff a decent pot with a 175k bet on the river to a Swedish player who , to my chagrin , hit two pairs on the river and made the call to my third barrel. I rebought and ended the shortish session losing 160k . I got a message from the Pride that a1k/2k deepstack was going on and I headed with Shanky to that game. I sat on a 9 handed table with 500k and soon got up to 750 k after I shoved my entre stack to a 110k bet by Rohit Bhalla in a preflop pot size of 200k. It was a high action table and had some very good players . I felt very comfortable and was slowly but surely building my stack whaich had got upto 1.3 million. Suddenly 4 people cashed out and we ended up 5 handed . Soon after , a very aggressive player came to the table and was on an incredible card rush. He staked a couple of guys right away and built his stack to 2.5 million in no time. Pots with a million became very common and I bled nearly 500k in 5 orbits and was card dead. A couple of more players joined the table and we were 8 handed soon after. I still maintained my strategy of playing a solid game and used my position well and showed a few bluffs and won a few pots to be back again at 1.3 million, I soon started to get some decent hands and found myself at 2.3 million at about 9 am when I started to feel sleepy and decided to cash out.
All in all , I made a tidy profit of 2.8 million for the trip which was a satisfying return for me to the high stakes game in Goa . I plan to visit the nosebleed games in Gangtok later this month to check on the scene there before I come back to Goa for Pranav’s Game and then on the tourney circuit starting with APT Cebu and then on to WPT Mauritius. I’m skipping the Aussie Millions due to some other personal commitments.
I had a very uneventful last 3 months in the tourney circuit but had some very good near bubble finished in all 3 tourneys in the PokerGuru tour and I finished 3rd in an APPT event in Macau, the 5k knockout bounty. I ended 2011 2nd in the money in India , which made it a very pleasing performance for the year since I played only 20% of the tourneys played by the other leaderboard contenders. A special congrats to Samohh, who played some fantastic poker last 3 months as well as Intervention, who was unlucky to run into me at crucial times in the big tourneys that I won.
My aim for 2012 is to be more prominent internationally in tournies and continue with my high stakes games.. That’s where my heart truly is…

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Bobbe Suri

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