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Heading home

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-11-28 at 12:00 AM

Our Macau trip is coming to an end today, we managed to change our tickets from day after and cudn’t be happier leaving Macau. Yesterday, was one of the biggest days for PokerGuru with Samohh and Rohit super deep in the APPT 30k HKD Main Event and the100k HKD High Roller. Samohhh as most of u know took a brutal cooler when his top set ran into royal flush draw, which got there to finish 10th for 155k HKD (1st was 3.7 mill, small pay difference). The team was railing him on and off and all of us had just walked to the rail when we saw Samohh allin for the chiplead pot with top set vs royal str8 flush draw. It was truly heartbreaking for all of us to see him loose tht way and bubble the final table, he is a true heroo and I cudnt be more proud of how well he has played throughout and how his game has grown leaps and bounds in the past few mnths. I would love to take some credit for it but it has been mostly his hard work and dedication towards the game that has gotten him here. Like I told him, this is first of many deep runs so he need not worry, he will definitely get more shots at some big tourneys in the very near future and he will eventually be on good side of MTT variance. Rohit ended up making the final table of the high roller event (1st was 1.5 mill HKD and 5th place paid 300k), unfortunately after grinding super hard and playing amazingly well and having 900k out of the 4.1 mill in play 6 handed, he was the exact bubble boy (small 300k bubble). As you can imagine yesterday was a tough day for the team and we ended up drinking till late at night and calling up Rishabh (team PokerGuru travel agent) and getting our tickets changed, cudnt wait to get the hell out of here.

This trip had lot of positives, Pulkit final tabled the 6 max event, Amit Varma (another fast improving player)got 4th in 5k bounty and was looking good for deep run in the main event but a stomach flu had him sit out lot of play in day 2 and day 3 and he eventually got short and busted, Rahul Byraju another upcoming tournament player form India got 13th in 6k event, Bobe got 3rd in the 5k bounty event as well then we had Samohh and Rohit’s deep run. The Indian contingent definitely made their presence felt and I am really looking forward to the team’s next International trip where we hope we can bring atleast one trophy back.

Personally, I wasn’t too happy with my play this trip. I ended up playing just 4 tournaments 10k HKD, 1k rebuy, 5k 6 max and 30k main event. In the prelims the structure was on faster side and never got anything going in the early rounds in that and was forced to be in shove/fold situations most times as the blinds moved up. Main event had one of the best structures and I was lucky to have a relative soft table with Terrance Chan as the only player I recognized. I doubled early with KK vs QQ and hit 70k from 30k starting stack, things didn’t go to well after that and I ended the day with 29,900, I still wasn’t too worried cos of the slow structure. Day 2 was much better where I ran really good throughout the day picking several big hands, I did loose one 100k flip to Bryan but beside that I dont think I have had such a card rush in a tournament in a long time. Unfortunately all the times I got monsters either I had less chips or my opponent was short, so I never got a big stack, my peak was 126k and I ended the day with 97k. Day 3 was short, I had Johnny Chan on my table and cpl of big stacks, we were down to 90 players with 70 getting paid when I lost half my stack in this hand:
blinds 2k-4k (400): I have 80k to start the hand and Villain has me well covered, in first 2 orbits neither of us have played a hand. I open A9hh to 9k utg and get called by Shane dye (middle aged solid Australian) in the bb, flop is Kc 2c 4s he check calls 12k. Turn is Ad and he check calls 18k more. River is 4c and he insta jams, I have 40k left and I tank fold.
Then I was down to 10bbs and shoved k3dd in sb and got called by 44 in bb.

Now the plan is to chill in Delhi for cpl days and then head to Goa for PGT, if you guys haven’t booked your tickets yet, you should do that now, since PGT will be HUGEEEE. We have had a bunch of online qualifiers from PokerStars, of which some might not show up adding huge dead money to the prize pool (unlike other organizers we add the money of no shows to the tournament prize pool, I know some Indian organizers keep it for some kind of administration fee or something). The entire PokerGuru team will be there and we are looking forward to meeting lot of our members there.

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Aditya Agarwal

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