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HH swaps, BRM and (maybe) a Goa trip

Posted by Rishabh Chawla on 2011-04-14 at 12:00 AM

Hey folks!

Been a while since my last post, mostly because I haven’t played a lot of poker since the first place finish in the $24, and I’ve been recuperating from a surgery I had 10 days back. I’m glad to report I’m almost back to feeling optimal for ze grind, hopefully in the next 2-3 days. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about:

1) Spending some more time doing some homework and analyzing hand histories from MTTs and SNGs.
I was thinking – instead of me reviewing my own hand history, if anyone is interested in HH swap sessions on team viewer and skype? I feel I have a lot of leaks I need to plug, but I have no idea where they lie. It would certainly be very +EV, and I would obviously do the same for any tournament you might have played. I particularly want to work on bet sizing, since I feel that’s where most of my leaks probably lie.

2) Getting better at the FTP 90 man turbo KO SNGs that I built my bankroll with.
I started playing [I]regularly[/I] on FTP with $1.40 on December 1st, 2010, and after grinding the absolutely nano stakes, I built it up to about $150, which is when I started grinding the 90 man $3 and $6 Turbo KO along with [I]some[/I] MTTs as and when I got the chance. My BR is now up to ~$9k, though that has some relatively big wins in large field MTTs. Now, because of my current situation, I can only play MTTs on Sundays, and grind a session of the SNGs everyday. Which brings me to my point – looking at sharkscope, I only have a 40% ROI at an average stake of $3 (I only recently moved up to playing some more $12s) in 1839 SNGs, and I’m starting to wonder if I have more leaks in my SNG game than I do in my MTT game. With 1839 games, I can’t really blame anything on variance. Maybe if someone wants to do HH review swaps, we could talk some more about this.

3) Bankroll Management
I seem to have a problem completely opposite to what most people do with BRM – I constantly play well [I]under[/I] my bankroll. I feel that if I’m 16 tabling a mixture of $6 and $12 SNGs in one session that lasts an average of ~3 hours, I’m investing ~$150 per session, and I have noooo idea if that is optimal or if I should be playing higher. Help?

4) Start reading a poker book for online and live MTT strategy
Suggestions? (other than Harrington)


p.s – I’m thinking about flying down to Goa to play in the Aces Unlimited tournament schedule, starting May 18th, if things work out at home. I really like the buy ins, the formats (especially the shootout) and the structure. Its been a long time since I last played in Goa and I’m SUPER EXCITED! 😀

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Rishabh Chawla

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