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Posted by zof on 2013-07-19 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,

I just registered I heard about this site from my poker friends pb106 and antilog who are indian grinders. Although im not indian myself i figured why not try it out I mean its in english so no problem there haha.

Im a student from greece trying to make some extra income from poker and if i get good at this game hope to go fulltime pro. I ve been playing poker for a while now…cash previously but with not much success. The past 10 months or so however ive decided to become mtt pro (yay :p). I ve been studying alot doing regular hh reviews and taking part in skype poker groups. I m playing almost every day grinding for many hours. I started last June I was playing plo at the time and apparently i sucked at it :p. So i was almost busto but then randomly decided to reg a 3.5 rebuy 180 on stars. A couple hours later boom 500$ in my stars account. Then I knew tournament poker was the way to go for me haha.

Anyway I started watching mtt vids studying hhs doing reviews etc and talking to many ppl on skype. I started by playing mtts mostly but as we all know the swings can be huge and I didnt rlly have the roll for it. So those past months were a constant cycle of depositing…spinning it up…then downswinging..then up again…Had to withdraw a couple of times due to real life reasons as well so that kinda hindered my progress. You know greece crisis and all that.

The past like 3 months though things have started looking better. I had withdrawn all my previous roll had taken a small break from poker for 1 month. Then deposited like 400$ or so…played some 2.5 180s which i have grinded alot of….made like 1.5k. that was around easter. Then put the roll to euro sites and hit a small upswing. Grinded every day made $ every day it was such a nice feeling:). Then i got 2nd in the hot22 end of June. Which i had btw final tabled before like last September but back then i had spent the $ travelling. This time however i know better so i just added that to my bankroll.

Anyway the plan for me now is to grind mtts and sngs on stars. Sngs i mostly like 180s. Mtts i play like everything reg speeds turbos hypers.
And play some mtts on soft euro sites aswell. At the time of writing winnings r like a bit above 10k$ total. And the roll is about 7k$. I applied for the mentorship program too so I hope after that the winnings and the graph will go straight up :p

Im gonna finish this with a pic from my hm2:


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