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Hope to start grinding soon

Posted by Nehal Kapadi on 2012-06-27 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys
In my last blog i told you’ll that i was going through a downswing. Well, I was not suppose to take such a long break but due some family reasons I haven’t played poker in over a month. My mom and my friends have really benefited from it lol. I have still tried playing few husngs at a friends place. When i was playing poker regularly, I had a fix schedule and didn’t waste my time on anything except studies. Surprisingly had an ok sleeping pattern. Now , I am as lazy as a pig , I don’t feel like returning home and when i do ,I watch some tv show which eats away most of my time. Another reason I cant play is because of the renovation at home has taken more time than expected. They have cut the broadband wire. Anyways, I hope to start grinding within a 2-3 days max.

But after all this rubbish I have been still reviewing my old hands, thats the best i can do right now and have been playing around with sngwiz and icmtrainer .
I recently finished this book “Treat poker like a business” by Dusty schmidt. Its worth a read.

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Nehal Kapadi

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