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Hot Sushi

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-06-30 at 12:00 AM

This write-up is not about a Punjabi variant of a popular Japanese delicacy, but about one of our team members who seems to be on a heater of sorts. Don-ka-Bomber aka sushi is winning everything he’s playing online. He’s one of the most dedicated kids on the team, whenever I get online he’s already there playing something or the other.

All his wins are motivating the other team members to put in as much volume as they can to get some wins going, last night Jasven came close to taking down the 109 turbo on stars, finishing 2nd. This just goes to prove that more volume you put in MTT’s you are bound to get results and negate the high variance in this form of poker. Aditya Sushant has let everyone else in the team know that if you are determined and play optimally, in the long run you’ll end up a winner.

Great Job, Sushi ! Wish you continue your momentum and rest of us team members catch up soon.

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Kunal Chandra

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