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How I got Pokered!!!

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-02-27 at 12:00 AM

Hey Folks,

So here I go, with my very first blog (Thanks to PokerGuru). In this space I intend to share with you my poker life in general… Right from tournaments (I am a tournament player and I love it), Cash games, Strategy, Poker news, Poker articles and everything related to Poker…. And I hope like everyone of you that one day I write the “How I played a tricky hand on the WSOP ME Final table” blog too. lol. Ok, I know what you are thinking. But a winning poker player always thinks positive…

Ok so for my first blog, I thought I will write about the great introduction I had to the game of Poker .

On a cold evening in December (Kochi is not particularly chilly, I just wanted to make the first line look good), my friends and I decided to head to a nearby hotel to celebrate a friends Birthday. As we reached there, I heard the Birthday boy screaming to someone over the phone.. Get Chips…. and I scream Back.. Yeah man.. “Get the American cheese and Onion” .. and the Birthday boy looks at me and says “what ??”… I say “ok whatever you like, its your birthday”… The friend who was supposed to get the chips comes into the hotel with a steel case… And I ask “is that a gun”??…He says “No chips “.and I go” they pack it up like this???” He says “yeah”. and opens the box…

That’s the first time I realized that poker is not a computer game like solitaire. (yeah I was that bad).

I think that day was marked in my life calendar when I was born. Because, there was no reason for me to be there. I had an early morning flight to Delhi the next day and I had already said no to the party. Yet, I sat there the whole night playing poker (almost), rushed to the airport with blood shot eyes and boarded the flight feeling WOW!!!!

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Sangeeth Mohan

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