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How I Sattied My Way Into the IOPC Super High Roller & Went on to Win it!

Posted by Gokul Raj on 2019-01-22 at 1:18 PM

The last few months have been really good for me. I ended the year with a couple of good scores and I couldn`t have asked for a better start in 2019 as I have just won the IOPC Super High Roller. I am really happy right now. This will really help boost my confidence and I can’t thank Adi (Aditya Agarwal) enough along with PokerGuru Staking (earlier known as AceJack) and especially Kartik Ved and Vikram Kumar. I am very, very grateful to them.

This win comes in less than one year since I started getting coached by Adi and I do realize I still have a long-long way to go. I am glad that I am learning so much from him everyday.

Going into the IOPC series, I didn’t have too many expectations. I was trying to keep myself focused and play a good, solid game and hopefully make some money at the series. But mostly I really wanted to play the best poker I can.

Interestingly, the Super High Roller event was not under my stake limit at PokerGuru staking but I certainly didn’t want to miss out on such a big event. Luckily I won the satellite for the complete IOPC package except the High roller event. It`s really a great story and I couldn`t be happier with the end result. This really helps me to save some money for myself personally. For now, I will save some of this money and invest some.

Coming back to the Super High Roller, when play was down to two tables, I was sitting on the table with Abhinav Iyer and Sahil ‘antilog’ Agarwal. I think it was one of the toughest tables I have ever played on. Just a few bustouts before the bubble, I played a huge hand against antilog where I bluffed him off with an underpair on an Ace-high dry board. I opened early position and he defended big blind and called two streets. I just bet on all streets and he folded on the river. That kind of really felt good and gave me a lot of confidence. I was lucky enough to get through all the spots I took in the event and as they say, you need to win flips to win a tournament.

It was a crazy final table with Kartik Ved, Vivek Rughani and Pulkit Goyal all in contention. Heads up with Pulkit Goyal, I had the chip lead and in a hand, I made a huge bluff with six-high and he folded. ☺

Thanks to my coaches and everyone for all their extended support, we shipped the event. To be honest I am really blessed to have won such a big event and I am just trying to keep it simple for now. I want to study and focus more on my game and get all my hand histories reviewed by myself and watch more online material. I am really hoping to get my game sharper and fix all my basic leaks and then work on Solvers and more.

Grind mode on!

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2 years ago

Hey Gokul, congrats for the SHR.

Would like to know how did Adi became your mentor, rather how can we have a mentor ?

Is there some kind of process for this and how do we get staked by pokerguru. Do we need to prove our metal first by chipping tourneys or some kind of fee is involved.

I would appreciate if u can answer this one as right now if I need to improve my skills, I also need a mentor as I am pretty serious about poker.

Can u please suggest something ???

Gokul Raj

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