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How Much I Earn….

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-02-28 at 12:00 AM

7 Tournaments, 5 Final Tables, 5 Cashes, 4 Top 4 finishes, 3 Top 2 Finishes and 1 win…. Pretty Impressive huh…. These were my stats for the month of January 2012… And do U know how much I made??? ₹60k… Strange but true.
This blog is a self realization blog and my way of kicking myself in the a** and saying, What the hell am I doing.
Tournament poker in India has grown leaps and bounds but come to think of it has it actually grown ? I am not talking about the quality but the entity as a whole. I have visited Macau 4 times in the last year and each time the numbers have just gone up. Unfortunately for Goa its the other way round.

These I think are the reasons: When I invest $200 in Macau, I am looking at a shot at winning atleast $10,000. But in India, for most tourneys with No Guarantees or the Scammed Raked Guarantees (I cant believe they Rake guarantees here, what a joke. For ex: if a raked tourney organizer promises a 3 Lakhs guarantee, its actually 3 Lakhs minus 10% rake,, Lolaments) I see myself winning a maximum $5000…

Considering the fact that living in Goa is expensive it is really stupid to go to Goa and play tournaments. We have people complaining about low turn outs for tournaments in Goa. Why do u think the turnouts are low? Thats coz no one sees any freaking value in playing the 20 man sit n go you call a tourney…

I am making a conscious effort from now on to choose what tourney i play in India.
1. The PokerGuru tour for sure. Even If I was not a part of PokerGuru, the basic Common sense says, that this is easily the best value tourney in the country today. And trust me, I am not in the lets advertise PokerGuru campaign. Its just plain common sense.

2. India Poker Legend. Although the the Guarantees are raked, I think it still makes a lotta sense playing this event, because they get good numbers so more value for your money and they have Guarantees. They are also, very good in bringing something new to the players all the time and give a lot of extra added value for players playing the Bigger events.

3. India Poker Championship. I like playing the IPC for the feel of it. Although their numbers dropped the last time, I think they do a great job in doing a lot of extra things for poker in India. Like the Poker for charity initiative, the gutshot magazine etc. It gives decent value to the players too i think if they can get their numbers back up.

I agree that all raked tournaments are money making machines. Now dont give me the “we have a lot of over heads” scam, because if u never made money, you would have never been in this business. As a tournament organizer, I think you need to give a lot more back to the players who spend a lotta time and money playing your tournaments.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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