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How to go broke in 1 week

Posted by Vishwajit Patil on 2013-09-09 at 12:00 AM

Hey Guys …

Sarcastic title huh!! …

Well for most of you guys in PGMP wont me knowing much about me as I am small-timer trying to get something going …

Before I start on telling my story on how to go broke in 1 week, let me recap … Jan 2013 was a good month for me with couple of big scores with close to 8k $$ of profit, before that there was no concept for me as bankroll management as my grinding used to start by depositing from 50-100 USD and playing until my FPP have exhausted …

Specially on most of the Sunday’s would go by busting early from big and hot 5-55 and I would keep railing all known players indian guys

“inter, Donkabomber,antilog,bblacklegend” and many others too ..

But having 8k as PS bankroll there was very little stopping for my dreams and I started registering any open tournament I could get my hands on …

“what a noob” right 🙂

Anyways in less than a 2-3 months I was down 4k when I realized how fucked up I am..

I took a forceful break from poker for 2 months and started playing starting 1 sept 13.

I started with a 350 $ deposit and started playing the turbo and hot tourneys, after so much of railing bblacklegend hot 75 was also my fav now and I wanted to play those..

Day 1 – Sep 1 went with no luck and I was 300 $ down ..

Day 2 – Sep 2, woke up late due to last night grind and also was quite unhappy losing 300 $ on day 1 after a 2 months break, logged in and saw the big 16.5 late reg and temptingly registered to it.

Not a big fan of these ” The Big $$” on ps as it takes hell lot of time and one coin flip AK vs JJ and ur out after 6,7 hrs of grinding.

How ever I finished 16th after 6hrs of play and got 116 $$ worth for my efforts plus a huge headache.

Tournament Date Prize Pool Won Position
The Big $16.50, $15K Gtd 02/09/2013 $25,710 $116 16

Decided to go out for a smoke cleared my head and was back in 2 hrs to start grinding again ..

One of my fav tournaments “$8.80 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $10K Gtd” due to small field and nice prize pool I greedily registered and started grinding again ..

I really started well without any rebuy and was soon a chip leader in a very early stage of tournament.

I started calling with a pretty wide range for the short stack shoves to make the best of it..

Finally the poker gods were smiling on me and has a deep run…
Reached FT with a mid-low stack but I knew I just want to hang in there as always huge money jumps ..

managed to come 2nd winning 2104 $ after 15 hrs of one day play .. (including 6-7 hrs of early morning grind)

Slept nicely on Day 2 with 2k profit.

Tournament Date Prize Pool Won Position
$8.80 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $10K Gtd 02/09/2013 $16,184 $2,104 2

Day 3:

Confidence was high was making the right folds and was playing good ..ran deep in
big 22 had a very good feeling about shipping it ..”magar yeh ho na saka”

Came 26th .. 184 $ pissed of as first prize was 10k + quickly registered to 2 “320 $ hyper turbo” to get entry in 1050 Super Tuesday Highroller … turned out that does not work well lost 640 $$

Tournament Date Prize Pool Won Position
The Big $22, $50K Gtd 03/09/2013 $72,120 $184 26

Day 4:

Still had decent stack so still not worried on buy in part,registered to all the big and hot tourneys on PS, (the wannabe pro style) .. the problem with registering over 4 tourneys for a noob like me is I wont even know how I was kicked out from some tourney and I had too just check the hand history and then say aha thats what happened.

Ran deep in hot 75 and hot 55 .. with every double up I was planning what i could do with the prize money .. was really doing well untill I was BB in hot 75 and SB pushed all in (big stack bully) looked very weak so I called with A9 and he has 68 off and a safe flop for me …
still very nervous I had a feeling that 6 was coming and ther on turn was a 6 and 8 on the river boom …

Finished 12th in hot 75 and 58th in hot 55.. I realized “poker hurts”

The Hot $75 [Turbo], $30K Gtd 04/09/2013 $60,513 $635 12
The Hot $55 [Turbo], $30K Gtd 04/09/2013 $62,500 $163 58

Note: Also I foolishly registered to the big 162 and for 109 turbos soon after I was kicked out and lost …yeah I am a persistent fool

Day 5:

not a good day either .. I thought would be a great idea to play the sit and go’s 6 handed hyper turbos to build a bankroll, turned out not a good idea at all ..

lost more than 500 $ ..

Had few deep runs thou :

$25 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $8K Gtd 05/09/2013 $14,480 $58 60
$8.80+R NL Hold’em, $17.5K Gtd 05/09/2013 $23,824 $43 95

Day 6:

After blowing almost all my 2k bankroll I had less than 200 left with me now ..

Ran deep again in fav hot 75 and 5.5 rebuy+addon tourney …

Finished 10th in the hot 75 and 81th in the 5.5 tourney …

to be a bubble boy getting kicked out for the 3rd time in 4 days out of hot 75 .. its sad,painful and soul crushing..

Tournament Date Prize Pool Won Position
The Hot $75 [Turbo], $30K Gtd 06/09/2013 $51,750 $569 10
$5.50+R NL Hold’em [2x-Turbo], $20K Gtd 06/09/2013 $28,965 $67 81

well with the added 600 $ to the bankroll which I blew it on the first day of WCOOP … here I am broke in a week ..

well most of my blog might sound more like wining .. but I have tried to pen down what I felt in a very truthful way .. may this be a good read for you guys..

Anyone looking to go broke do follow my steps 😉

Till then have fun at the tables .. may the flop be with you …


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Vishwajit Patil

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