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How to play Aggressive Players?

Posted by Kunal Gunjan Talukdar on 2013-07-20 at 12:00 AM

Hi everyone, I have come across quite a few aggressive and very aggressive players both in tournaments and SNGs and they do give me a difficult time regarding what to do if they are winning continuously. Here I am not talking about the TAGs but those who play a wide range range of hands aggressively. I will tell you how I try to play them mostly:-
Those aggressive players who play trash hands are my targets at times. When I play one, I mostly check them and call their big bets he normally makes even if I have small hands and if I get the feeling that he has missed a hand even in the river and has a lot of his chips on the pot, I go all in.
Those aggressive players who doesn’t play the trash cards but plays a wide range of cards from small pairs to connectors and premium cards are different from the ones I mentioned above. I play them cautiously. I would play them from a good position to see what he does after the flop, turn and river. If I have good hands though, I would go all in.
If there are more than one aggressive player, I would play a very few hands as I think one will definitely eliminate the other. I have seen this work but with one problem- the last aggressive player that remains ends up with a very huge stack.
I am a new poker player and still trying to improve my game and learn new things. The stuff I wrote above is what I am currently doing. I would like you to suggest your views on what I wrote and mention the flaws in it or other ways on how to tackle the aggressive players.

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Kunal Gunjan Talukdar

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