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Hunger Games

Posted by Parikshit Dhall on 2019-06-28 at 8:39 AM

It has hardly been a year since I started playing MTT’s seriously and regularly. I had all through my poker life been a pure cash game player. Even taking to online poker was a new adaptation for me as you all know, live and online poker are almost two different sides of a coin. My journey in MTT’s started on a beautiful note as I shipped three high-value tournaments in my first three months itself. I used to play on my own back then and without any kind of staking or external coaching.

My poker journey seemed to be going great for me until the inevitable happened. Variance caught up with me post-December last year, and that is when I slowly began to understand that taking up MTT’s professionally was going to be a different battle altogether. I pretty much took a horrible downswing which compelled me to change my course of action.

As they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I got a lucky break. I had applied to be tutored and mentored under PokerGuru Staking batch 2, and I got through. Life since then has totally changed.

Getting in-depth training from the best in the country is such an enriching experience. With every passing day, I get to learn something new. Applying these methods over a while and improving my game in a much better way than before is really satisfying. There is something new to learn, and the limit to learn and improvise is endless.

Last 3 months have been kind to me as I have managed to get in good scores regularly, but the most essential thing is to keep the hunger going and never be satisfied. I see all the top players around me now in Vegas battling it out at WSOP, and it is my biggest aim now. I really am aiming to put in the hours and slog the entire year, so that I am ready for the next edition in 2020.

Turning pro has been the most personally satisfying decision that I have taken, and I indeed want to do full justice to it. To everyone out there who is going through downswings, I would just want to say that never give up since this variance is part and parcel of this game and with due diligence and effort the sky will be the limit.

Until next time, ADIOS friends.

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Parikshit Dhall

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