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I am not a nit. So call me, please ;-)

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-10-30 at 12:00 AM

Amazing numbers at PGT-October edition!! Goa is back. Now let’s keep it this way. This event had a 5K re-entry which as mentioned earlier I am not too keen to play. This was my first re-entry/re-buy type event that I played in. One of the reasons I succumbed to it was the ROI which was mind-boggling for a Goa event. 2.7 Lac for 1st place in a 5K event!! (Around 50x plus for one’s initial buy-in). Another reason was that it was rake-free re-entry. To raking organizers, please charge rake only on “initial entry” and not on “subsequent re-entries” and not on “re-buys/add-ons”. Also refrain from having too many re-entries/re-buy type events especially at high buy-ins. Low number + high buy-in re-entries are really bad for poker economy. Players go bust faster. Even online sites like PokerStars and Party Poker reduce or don’t have too high buy-in table’s cause they don’t want players busting their bankrolls which result in lower traffic and ultimately lower bottom lines in rake. As a low stakes semi-recreational player, I would ideally like no re-entry/re-buy type events as my average buy-in go up in these.

I played the 5K re-entry, 7K knockout, 1.5K feeder to 6K mega and 6K mega. Only cashed in the 1.5K feeder to 6K mega. Dream of doing a Maratik-Million (1.5K to 6K to 30K to 10 Lac) shatters as I bust out in the 6K jamming ~10bb from BTN with 33 into Amant’s KK in BB.

I am reasonably satisfied with my play in the 5K re-entry. Got a decent start and chipped up nicely without any re-entry. But then my opens and c/bets got raised almost every time. Started re-shoving as my stack got shorter and got through a lot of open jams and re-shoves to build it back up, when the bust out hand happened. UTG who has been loose passive pre (calling everything) and aggressive post (has x/r me and others; couple of times) limps at 300-600 level. I have 16K (26BB) which is the effective stack here and I make it 2K with KK from SB. Flop comes AQ9m of diamonds. Flop goes x/x. Turn 6 non-diamond. I bet 2.1K almost expecting a raise which happens as he makes it 6.6K to which I shove over. He shows 66 for a turned set.

The 7K bounty started with a bang as I bust the runner-up of the 5K re-entry first hand. UTG limps, I have 77 in MP and make it 425 to go, BTN flats, UTG flats. Flop AQ6 with 2 spades. UTG x, I c/b 700, BTN flats, UTG folds. Turn 7s. I bet 1100, BTN raises to 3600 which I tank-clock-call. River 4. I check, BTN jams, and I somehow still tank call even though I had decided to call shove on turn itself. He turns up AJ no spade. Chip up nicely to 20Kish where this guy makes an insane lay-down to my shove to his river bet on a 9KJ/A/J 4-flush board with 99. I have KJ. He latter tells me that he is a friend of PGMP mate A.Parmar and in fact we have met before and knows me as a nit. LOL.

So I decide to change my rep here by busting in the most spazziest of fashion. I have just lost a pot to Ian who is sitting on my right where I x/r flop with gutshot and he shoves over my turn barrel. 150-300, Next hand I pick up 79cc at approx 50bb effective. UTG a tight player who intended to raise more but only min-raised due to stringing. Ian flats from MP, and I to his immediate left make it 2K total to go. Fold all around including initial opener to Ian who back-raise 4b to 4400 and I snap shove and Ian snap calls with KK. I don’t have to explain the out-levelling that I did here to myself but it was pretty ridiculous. Meh, silver lining: will not get huge lay-downs to my shoves from at least those 9 players at the table. Haha.

That was the end of that poker wise. Congrats to KC and Pulkit again for taking down the HR and ME!! Had a great time hanging out with ballers like Samoh, Sushi, Adi, Prabhat, Varma and others.

Final Tabled a 4.4 8max on Stars where I busted 7th; 77 v AQs. Looking forward to some online grind now.

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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