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I am YOU

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-12-19 at 12:00 AM

Today I am gonna tell you your story.

You are sitting at home today thinking of becoming a poker player.You want to do it professionally but dont have the guts to go ahead.What if you go broke??What will you tell your folks?
Will it pay me well??ALl these questions come to your thoughts many a time . During live tournaments in Goa you are hooked to PokerGuru to see live updates.
When you see these updates ,you wish your name was in there too.You wish your picture was there too. You wish you could sit in a casino wearing those shades and funky headphones playing poker
with India’s best poker players.
Of Course you love Ivey and Dwan , but you still have an Indian Poker Superstar you look up to.You believe Donkab0mber is a superhero, Kcdesi is awesome and Intervntion is God. When you read about a real sick beat you wonder,What will happen if i get this beat.
You watch poker videos day in and day out.You have read Harrington on Hold’em (all parts), did the “problem” section in the book and think that you are ready for professional poker in India.
You start dreaming about Hero calls you are gonna make with the J highs and the insane plays you are gonna make wen u play live.You have had some success in your home games and keeps thinking about
one good hand you played over and over again.You dream of winning the WSOP Main event ,and every other major there is.

If this is your story, I am you. This was my story till December 2010. ANd in December 2011, I have 2 APT titles,2 IPPS Titles,1 PGT Title an APPT 10th place finish and multiple final tables to my credit.

If I can do it anyone can. Its as simple. All you need is a little bit of guts and the glory is waiting for you. Like I always say, Everyone has a shot at glory, but if you are not there at the right time, you lose a chance.
Plying professional poker is a real tough job. You have to make many sacrifices (Although there are a lot of advantages too) and you have to keep learning. Learning odds and just reading harringtoon does not make you a good player. You
need to work continuously on your game.Get a cardrunners account and watch a few training videos, read twoplustwo forums, keep re-analysing your game.
I hope to see a lot more of you in Goa next year and I hope all of you are successful as poker players.

December Plans: I am not going to play anymore poker this month.I am taking a break for a couple of weeks and gonna chill at home and will start the grind from January.

and for the last time this year, Intervention says: No guts, no glory..

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Sangeeth Mohan

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