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Posted by Arturo on 2012-08-21 at 12:00 AM

After some boost up bankroll I again played some cash games and lost which dents my BR, never mind it gives me lesson like I am tournament player not cash player as I use to gamble a lot in tough spots, so now on I will try hard not play cash games.
I have played around 78 tourneys this month, I played few, I like value tourney like bigger ones and special turbos which rewards time invested if we reach final table, I am very disappointed with my result of not being winning any tournaments online or live, there 2-3 way chops and decent deep runs but not have one good winning in my record. ONE BIG IS WAITING FOR ME ..
Yesterday was one the remarkable day as I was alone on my shop with no office boy and sales man and was day I have manage my shope alone, no customers in morning and I dig in 16 big, its one of fav tournament as it suites my timings of play, I play almost every day (played 14 in 21 days), I was only one tabling and also doing customers at same time, I made it to final table but with 9th in position in chip lead, I played very aggressive at FT, and able to reach 2nd pos in chiplead position, after that I think I played with AKo against chipleader and lost 30% of stack, I thought I should have gone all in pre-flop only I smell something villain has JJ+ and I don’t want to coin flip with him, after that I raise on button with KQo, SB jam with 15 bb, and I call he has A9s, he hits his Ace on turn, and I lost and crippled with chips and ends my journey on 7th., I needed some review with Pro on my final table from Adi and want to know where I was went wrong, I am sure if Adi, samoh or prabhat have on my place they would have shipped it 100%. Some other results I was able to end 2nd in 2.5 SNG, and some deep runs in bigger 8,5,11 where I min cashed.
PGM is really helping me to change the thinking towards playing poker, and I must admit if I want to grow in this field I should have some blessings form PG team.
I hope I will ship atleast one tourney till next blog,

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