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I hardly play any Poker in tournaments

Posted by Arturo on 2012-05-16 at 12:00 AM

Ohh what a tour, one of the remarkable. I landed in Goa 5 pm, surprising weather was very pleasant as its summer time. I loved it. Desperate to meet Adi on 7 pm for live session. At last the time come when i personally meet Adi and other participants feeling bit nervous and also was happy to meet them. Very healthy and good disscussion went on for 2 and half hours and was very satisfied with that.
I headed straight to casino after that session and started to grind some cash games with some success and bad beats. I managed to get 15K + on first day.
i played all the tournaments of PGT. It was very fast for me as i used to play online where lot of hands are dealt in an hr as compare to live. Lot of time wasted in dealing the cards, counting out chips ans some spats between players or dealers i have played very few hands in tournaments and got busted prety early in 5k, 12k, 25K as blinds were around 20 bb which was prety fast in first 2 to 3 levels.
5 K Event :
Paman raises 2.5x from UTG, I 3 bet him with AKs, he shoved and i call and busted out with his KK.
12 K :
Busted my AKs with 55 villain hit his 4 card flush to beat my Pair.
25 K :
100/200/20. Goindi(10K) raises 3x from UTG, Anosh(15K) call from Button, i (15k) 3bet them from SB with QQ. Goindi goes all in and Anosh folds and i called him. Goindi showed 99 and i was happy to see that. but my happiness doesn’t long last as he hit his sets on flop and busted after few hands after that.
Intially i was not planed to play this but i won half of buying from satelite and played decently in 50 k event . I earned the chips the first hand i played in the tournament and got healthy chip stacks early in the tournaments and survived 2 coin flips till i busted on 10th by the chip leader harshad. The hand goes like 1000/2000 this harshad limps from UTG, called by rishi from SB and checked from BB holding 23, flop come 452, i bet 6K called by harshand and rishi fold, turns come 2, i checked, harshand bet 20 k and i moved all in for my 50 K which called by him and his top pair stands.
50 K was tournament of my life till now as it has on of the toughest field i have ever played. I finished 10th which was satisfactory in terms of players i played against.
I have some decent sessions in cash to cover my buy-ins and trips overall the very satisfied with trip and looking forwards to Mentor ship program.



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