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I know, Stupid decision

Posted by Krish Shah on 2014-07-12 at 12:00 AM

Hi Guys,

I have been grinding everyday this week except today as I thought I need to take a break from Poker after yesterday.

Alright yesterday, I was following my schedule of grinding and playing the daily tournament where I met a guy, Abhi. He has also come to study in my Uni and he had been playing 50/100 cash games back in Chennai and our common interests were enough for us to get along well. Neither of us cashed in the tourney but yea he ran deeper than me. So after the tournament we were playing some cash games from which I lost my initial chips and I was not happy with the way I ran and so I quitted my session before I play on tilt and loose some more of my bankroll. As it was Abhi’s only 2nd day in Melbourne, I suggested we go clubbing (coz its better than playing on tilt+ I will get a break from my routine). Skipping the story at club, we were drunk and we decided to come back to play some more Poker (I know, Stupid decision). We got back and I jumped to 1/3 table, I ran well in the starting but I made some stupid calls and eventually ended my session at some loss of about $100, thank god for getting me back to senses.

I am glad I saved myself from costing me more money but its not something I pride on myself as a Poker Player to be a drunkard on the table and offering myself as a fish to fishes.

So waking up, I decided to take a break today and catch up with other things and I will also be not playing anything except Sunday Deepstack (which is a $150 tournament and has a good structure) tomorrow as I think I will still be playing on tilt if I decide to play any cash game.

Well the lesson is learnt on my side, hope any of you guys do not make the same mistake.

Good Skill


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Krish Shah

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