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I murder DoN’s for a living

Posted by Rajnish Kumar on 2012-12-01 at 12:00 AM

Yes, it’s true. ;-). But wait.
Before you send me a supari (contract) to kill your rival gangster, DON’s in my world actually stands for Double or Nothing’s. This is a poker game played in a sit and go setting online. Usually there are 10 players, out of which 5 double their money minus the rake and 5 of them bust out.
Lots of you poker players are aware of them and may have even played them at some time or the other. But after PokerStars stopped the DON’s format (and replaced it with 50-50), it kind of decreased in popularity. But on sites like 888.com (a part of Pacific poker network) where I play, these are still popular and are still soft enough to make a living off. Also these are one of the lowest variance game-form of poker. I could be found multi-tabling and grinding them from 5pm onwards onto the wee hours of the morning when site traffic is at its peak. Last month has been pretty decent. I am attaching my last month’s graph herewith[ATTACH=CONFIG]64[/ATTACH]
In fact most of the months are (decent). It is like a job. There are no major downswings. Just keep grinding a steady profit. There is scope of improvement however. Getting better win-rates is possible. Usually my improvement is done by reviewing hand histories using tools like SNGWiz etc. These really help in bettering your push/fold game which is the most critical element in DON’s.[ATTACH=CONFIG]65[/ATTACH]
I currently stay in Goa, where I can play and take shots at small buyin live tournaments as well. Goa though is pretty expensive place to stay and grind. The plan ahead is to grind these for few more months and get a decent enough bankroll to grind the live full ring games. With rake structures being rationalized recently at the local casinos, I think the lowest limit games of 100/200 have become decent and beatable. I look forward to being on the live felt in the coming months.
Will keep you all updated via blogs here.

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Rajnish Kumar

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